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Indian Costume Accessories
The Indian costume accessories include the traditional ones for both men & women.
 Indian Costume AccessoriesCostume Accessories highlights a dress or apparel. The various accessories like bindi, brooches and bangles enhance the personality of a woman and give a different look altogether. They represent a woman's attitude and personality and define their fashion statement. It shapes up their total personality and embellishes their beauty. It is very important for a woman to look good and to carry herself well. Be it in her western wear or her traditional look, nowadays, there are accessories for every occasion! Accessories like bindi, brooches, watches, perfumes and bangles enhance the personality of the women and give them a different look altogether.

However, just as women need to deck themselves up, why should the men stay behind? The catalogue of fashion men accessories is very large and encompasses innumerable items ranging from traditional jewellery to footwear. The style and elegance these accessories add to their personality is beyond words. They give him a total different look all together.

For Women:

Shawls: Shawls are a traditional accessory that embellish the feminine grace and have a rich history weaved in their delicate warm fibres. Elegant wraps in aesthetic designs and colors make an upper crust impression in any social or formal occasion. Shawls are widely used as a necessary part of the attire in various countries, especially in India and more so in cold regions like the North. Besides fulfilling the basic requirement of keeping us warm, they are also used to depict status symbol. Women in small towns and urban regions flaunt the latest designs and make during weddings or even kitty parties. In a nutshell, shawls are an exclusive common utility.

Indian Costume Accessories Shawls are available in enormous types, fabric, designs, colours and are different for different seasons! Designer beaded ones, sophisticated Jamewar ones, embroidered or crocheted, evening wraps of silk, wedding shawls, Paisley shawls, exquisite Pashmina shawls, pure Cashmere shawls, Alpaca shawls etc. are some of the well-known breeds of preferred products. These are available in a series of colours, in form of stoles and in different designs too.

Pashmina wraps and shawls pose as the perfect gift for a bride and the bridesmaid. The shawls embedded with Swarovski or other Embroidery beautify it further. Pashmina are also known to be a great business or corporate gift due to its style and snob appeal. The shawls can be opulently beaded with supple colours and finely textured embroidery for that distinctive element. Various other options are the Knit crochet poncho shawls, pure woolen, Silk etc. Crocheted ones are selling like hot cakes due to their handiwork and amazing designs and colors. Ever since its inception, about 100 years ago, the shawl has metamorphosed in terms of trends, designs, usage, fabric etc. But the most widely used is the wrap - round that works for women of all ages and sizes.

Bindis: In the ancient times, Indian Bindi was worn as a tradition mark. Hindu wives applied it on their foreheads to symbolize marriage. But, today it has become more of a fashion style. It is the most eye catchy accessory, which draws immediate attention. Today young and old both wear traditional fashion bindi to adorn their beauty. Bindi comes in a variety of shapes, colors and designs. Intricate designs include beadwork, handprints, meenakari work, kundan, and studded stones, pearls and diamonds. Apart from the usual traditional bindis, we have an outstanding variety ranging from fancy bindis to designer bindis to bridal bindis. Designer bindis are a collection of several artistic body art bindis.

Indian Costume Accessories The popular body art bindis are crystal bindi, Belly Tattoo Bindi, Glitter tattoo bindi, Arm/Wrist Band bindi, Tikka bindi, Crystal Belly Bindi, pendent bindi, crystal finger bindi, hair bindi, chin bindi, crystal eyelash bindi and crystal nail bindi. TV personalities have also paved a way for new fashion in bindi styles. We have Parvati bindi, Ramola bindi and Saans bindi in the designer shops.

There are also the bindi styles for each personality type. For bold and beautiful, there are bindis in various shapes of stars, half moon, heart, tree and snakes in glittery, shiny and bright colors. Simple and sober embellish their foreheads with bindis in oval shape, square, diamond or a simple dot in shades of black and dark maroon. Apart from usual hasslefree sticker bindi, liquid bindi and kumkum bindi are also in.

Hair Accessories: For the stunning look, women can pick up from the exquisite variety of fashionable girl hair accessory that has been hitting the market. When it comes to fashion, hair styling accessory for women occupies a commanding position. The ambit of hair styling accessory is extensive and includes barrettes, fashionable hair clips, hair claws, hairpins, forks, hairsticks, headbands, scrunchies, ponytail holders and splendid bridal hair accessory. Intricate designs in works of studded pearls, gemstones, beads, flowers and crystals are used in the making of bridal hair accessory. Silk hair flowers are in vogue. Flower designs look sizzling. Popular barrette styles are: Ruby Bow, Classic Topaz Barrette, Sapphire Bow, Amethyst Bow, Arched Pony Clip, Jet Bow and Crystal Flower Barrette.

Indian Costume Accessories Hair buns are just ideal for parties and other festivities. They look simply fabulous with the very own ethnic outfit sari. Butterfly bun style is very in. Hair sticks made up of natural bone/ exotic wood look amazing with all forms of apparel. Ponytail is the fashion of the season. For this easy trendy hairstyle we have a commendable variety of ponytail holders, scrunchies and silk ribbons. Scrunchies are a great comfort. Made up of silk or satin, they come up in all rainbow colors. For the firm look you can go in for a nice smarty headband also known as a Boho band. They look elegant. Indian women also glorify their hairstyle through Gajra and Paranda. Fragrance of Jasmine flowers and the exclusive vibrant colors of Paranda set the two apart.

Footwear: For those who want to attire themselves in typical Indian traditional style, like a simple salwar kameez, they can opt for Kohlapuri Chappals and Rajasthani Jutis or may just go in for a flat compact sandal that is simple and sober. Royal Indian footwear to go with traditional Indian dressing. Mojaris come in a plethora of colours and designs, each one crafted by hand, and limited only by the designers imagination. Also known as juttees, these shoes come extraordinarily embroidered. For the bold, maintaining a hip-hop fashion style, they can actually do a mix match of ethnic and trendy.

For Men:

Men's Jewellery: Jewellery, woman's best friend is men's favorite too. When it comes to embellishments, precious and semi precious stones boast off their supreme position in a man's wardrobe. The splendid variety of man fashion jewelry encompasses designer men rings, earrings, bracelets and chains. For the perfect fit, one can opt for custom fashion Jewellery for males. Men jewelry is available in different types of material right from glittery gold and silver to elegant and sophisticated pearls and diamonds. Beaded and antique designer men accessory jewelry is hot and happening.
Indian Costume Accessories Bracelets: Bracelets for men come up in distinct metal types like gold, silver, platinum, titanium, pearl, swaroski crystal and diamond. Diamonds since times immemorial have lured people the most. Elegant and sober, these gemstone man jewelry bracelets can be attired with any kind of outfit. Men cuff bracelets are in vogue.
Earrings: Men's fashion accessory earrings adorn their personality and give a glow to the face. It is the most eye catchy jewellery. Till a few past decades, earrings found their place in the jewellery boxes of women. But in the contemporary times, young boys have paved way for man earrings fashion trend. Men who attire earrings are symbolic of style and passion. The gamut of man earring jewelry is extensive and consists of varied varieties like man hoop earrings, man stud earrings etc. Personalized earrings are hot and happening.
Rings: In the list of fashionable men jewelry, designer men rings are not to be forgotten. Rings also have a religious significance. Indian weddings are incomplete without wedding bands for men. Fashionable men engagement rings and birthstone rings are also gaining momentum.

Footwear: For the men, it is their shoes, which reflect their attitude and speak their style. For special occasions, there is an exquisite variety of footwear like classy Jutties and Kohlapuri Chappals and they look simply fabulous with ethnic ensemble. For shorter men, there are high-heeled shoes that give a taller appearance.

(Last Updated on : 09/01/2014)
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Indian Costume Accessories - Informative & researched article on Indian Costume Accessories
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