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Sparsh , Indian movie
The Indian movie `Sparsh` is directed by Sai Paranjpye, which is released in the year 1980.
 Sparsh , Indian movieThe Indian movie 'Sparsh' is a wonderfully made movie. This is a remarkable film by Naseeruddin Shah. He played the role of a blind person in this movie. After watching this movie people won't feel showing sympathy towards the blinds rather they will learn something from them. The Indian movie 'Sparsh' is a masterpiece of Sai Paranjpye depicting the unique story of the blinds in an excellent way.

Synopsis Of Sparsh
This Indian movie 'Sparsh' is a brilliant work by Sai Paranjpye. This film is all about the blinds. Their lives and the feelings of blind children are clearly depicted in the movie. The movie also draws some attention towards the principal of their school. Sparsh refers to the sensation and feeling of touch. Upon this touch the blind people actually rely in the absence of their vision. This Indian movie 'Sparsh opens with Anirudh Parmar played by Naseeruddin Shah as the principal of Navjivan Andhvidyalay. This was a school for the blind that educates about 200 blind children. Anirudh has a lonely existence in most of the part of the film. One day when he was going to a doctor he hears a lovely song. He forgets to go to the doctor and becomes attracted to the voice. The voice belongs to Kavita Prasad played by Shabana Azmi, who is a young woman recently widowed after 3 years of marriage. Kavita prefers a secluded existence.

Sparsh , Indian movieHer childhood friend Manju played by Sudha Chopra is her friend and can be called as the only friend she has. Manju throws a small party and in that party Kavita and Anirudh meets. Anirudh eventually recognizes Kavita from her voice. In this party Anirudh mentions that he and mainly the school is looking for volunteers to spend time with the blind children. He or she should teach the children in most possible way. Manju and her husband Suresh tell Kavita to just go for the opportunity. Kavita decides to volunteer. Now Kavita is spending more time at the school, she begins to form a friendship with Anirudh. The friendship grows stronger over time and they become good friends and eventually got engaged. But their personalities and feelings are different altogether. Anirudh is of strong character. He firmly believes that the blind needs help but not pity or charity. He thinks that any blind can do anything without anyone's help. Kavita is not able to understand Anirudh. Anirudh assumes that Kavita accepted the proposal not out of love. He thinks that she did it as a sacrifice towards a way out of her dark life. During this time, Anirudh's friend Dubey played by Om Puri, who was also a blind laments that his recently died wife was not happy in the marriage either. Anirudh becomes more confused and also disturbed by all this. He breaks off the engagement with Kavita. But because of his confusion he does not reveal anything to Kavita. She accepts his decision and does not utter a single word. Yet Kavita, now a salaried employee of the school, continues to help the children. The initial conversation and relation between her and Anirudh gives way to friction. After sometime when different occasion arise at the school, the two brings up the feelings they were not able to discuss before. The situation becomes bitterer after sometime and the moment comes when one of them must leave the school. The movie ends at no certain point, Anirudh and Kavita trying to find out a solution with or without their drawbacks.

Cast and Crew:
The star cast is this Indian movie, Sparsh includes Naseeruddin Shah and Shaban Azmi. It also includes the great film personalities such as Sudha Chopra and Om Puri. The film is directed and written by Sai Paranjpye and produced by Basu Bhattaccharya. The woderful music is given by Kanu Roy.

The Indian movie Sparsh, has been awarded as the best film in the filmfare ceremony in the year 1984. National film award has been bagged by Naseeruddin Shah in the year 1985. Sai Paranjpye has also won the award as the best director in the year 1985.

(Last Updated on : 16/04/2014)
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Sparsh , Indian movie - Informative & researched article on Sparsh , Indian movie
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