Life Line, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Life Line, Palmistry
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Life Line, Palmistry
The life line shows the general life span of a person.
 Life Line, PalmistryLife Line is also known as 'Jeevan Rekha' in Hindi language. Life line in a palm depicts the general characteristics of the life of a person. Life line originates from the space between the mount of Jupiter and the thumb. According to palmistry, life line having its origin from or nearer to the mount of Jupiter shows a life full of good ambitions and individualism. Further, a smooth and deeply carved life line in a palm depicts healthy constitution, and a decent quality of life. Any type of Island or break in the lifeline depicts some undesirable events or illness likely to take place in a person's life. A strengthened life line after that shows the overcoming of that bad period. An overall study of palm must be taken into consideration for detailed conclusions associated with life line. Thus, life line is considered as one of the most significant lines on a person's hand. Palmistry suggests that life line is actually the easiest line to recognize.

Normally, in the science of palmistry, the entire life line is divided (from origin to base), in a lifespan of 80 years. Calculation of time periods is made accordingly. In case the person is having a real setback, the effects will be seen in luck line as well as other lines at the same time period. Like for instance, if the life line is broken in the passive hand, but is joined and strengthened in active hand, then it means the individual will go through some bad period, but will overcome it smoothly with his or her own conscious efforts. The branches shooting upwards from the life line show the positive endeavours in the life of any person. The mount where the branch travels to denotes the quality of achievement. For example, a branch from the life line reaching the mount of sun represents creative success. Similarly, branches shooting downwards depict unsuccessful flow of life energy. Apart from these signs, the way a life line ends speaks volumes about itself. In majority of cases, the line ends up at the base of the palm, underneath the thumb. It shows the person to be quite attached with his roots.

Further, a life line ending on the mount of moon indicates the constant urge of a person for change and travel. The person is more likely to spend majority of his life away from home. A life line split at the end represents the desire of the person to move away from home, yet the bond with the roots remains strong. The life line ending in constant branches shooting downwards forewarns the person of the diseases he is most likely to get at the old age, or near his death. Thus, usually a smooth ending of the life line is considered highly desirable.

(Last Updated on : 21/03/2014)
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Life Line, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Life Line, Palmistry
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