Kalapini Komkali, Indian Classical Vocalist - Informative & researched article on Kalapini Komkali, Indian Classical Vocalist
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Kalapini Komkali, Indian Classical Vocalist
Kalapini Komkali is known as one of the finest Indian classical vocalists, hailing from an illustrious musical family. She has performed in some of the most prominent music concerts throughout the country.
 Kalapini Komkali, Indian Classical VocalistKalapini Komkali is an accomplished classical vocalist of India who has carved a distinct niche for herself. She was born to Pandit Kumar Gandharva and Vidushi Smt. Vasundhara Komkali and was raised into a family of music genre. This excellent inheritance ultimately resulted into a quality Indian classical musician. Kalapini Komkali belongs to the Gwalior Gharana. The style of Kumar Gandharva is the revolutionized form that after reconstruction and transformation created a modified style of Hindustani classical music.

Early Life of Kalapini Komkali
Kalapini Komkali, who is born to maestros, has imbibed the quality of gayaki that her parents possess, in a graceful and beautiful manner. Through her voice and musical presence she has already fetched the attention of stalwarts of music. She has started incorporating the exceptional implications that she has learnt from her parents.

Kalapini Komkali, Indian Classical Vocalist Kalapini Komkali is said to possess the 'Akar' somewhat similar to her father Kumar Gandharva. She always attempted to instil the exact technique that her father was accustomed to do. She exhibits the pure 'swara' that her father used to exhibit. It was hard to believe for the people who know that the 'swara' of two people can never be same. But they became awestruck when they witnessed this miracle. The next miracle took place when people listened to Sahitya of the Bandishes with its gentle folk intonations, the whisper of the land of Malwa which Kumarji first brought to life. She did her post graduation in Library science. Her first mentor and guru was her father Pandit Kumar Gandharva.

Musical Life of Kalapini Komkali
It is believed that the true gayaki can never be imitative. It has been considered as a living and growing thing that develops as life passes. Listening to Kalapini is therefore an experience in itself. Kalapini Komkali has bagged the honour of being performed at many highly esteemed festivals in and outside India. Presently Kalapini Komkali has been serving as an active trustee of the Kumar Gandharva Sangeet Academy. As recognition to the expertise of Kalapini Komkali, she has been conferred the project scholarship by Ministry of Human Resources in the field of Indian Classical Music. She was also coffered the Kumar Gandharva Award by highly esteemed Pujari Pratishthan situated at Pune. There are some cassettes, namely 'Aarambha' and 'Inheritance' released by HMV and 'Dharohar' by Times Music to her credit on her name. Vergin records have also released a live concert CD, namely 'Swar-Manjiri'. She has also lent her voice in films named 'Paheli' and 'Devi-Ahilya'.

(Last Updated on : 03/03/2014)
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Kalapini Komkali, Indian Classical Vocalist - Informative & researched article on Kalapini Komkali, Indian Classical Vocalist
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