Tribal jewellery of Maharashtra - Informative & researched article on Tribal jewellery of Maharashtra
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Tribal jewellery of Maharashtra
Tribal jewellery of Maharashtra is very ethnic and carries lot of elegance in its look.
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 Tribal jewellery of MaharashtraTribal jewellery of Maharashtra is regarded as very precious. Gold is principal metal while making ornaments. Most of the Tribal jewellery of Maharashtra is derived from the legacies of Maratha and Peshwa dynasties. Kolhapur Saaj, which is the specialty of Kolhapur, is basically a necklace that is worn by lots of women. This is very important for Maharashtrian women. Some of the verities are Har and Malas, Mohanmel, boral etc.

One of the important Maharashtrian tribe is Halba Tribe. They usually decorate themselves with 'Khosa' or beautiful lock of braid, 'Khinwa' in ears which is worn on ear tops, phuli that is used for nose. This phuli is a hanging ring made of gold or silver. There are some other types of jewellery, which includes Chapsari or a heavy necklace. Garland of Karipot i.e. black pearl, Muhar mala i.e. a garland made of coins. Bangles such as Chude, Chudiya are prepared by metals like gold, silver, brass, aluminum, clay, lead and wood. They also draw some tattoo on their skins, which they regarded as jewellery for them. As a whole it can be said that they like colourful jewellery.

All these ornament that are made in traditional style are known by its local name. As for example, Gathla and Putalimala are the gold coins strung together to form necklace. This is worn by most of the women. Toda is a bracelet that is well fitted their wrist. Sari is a real work of art. Here in this form of art the two wires are twisted together with a spiral design at each end. It is usually worn tightly around the neck. Another type is Chandraharas. In this type circular rings are connected together. Beads are common in Tribal jewellery of Maharashtra. Mahanmal is made out of the molded beads and looks like a beautiful strings altogether.

(Last Updated on : 26/02/2013)
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Tribal jewellery of Maharashtra - Informative & researched article on Tribal jewellery of Maharashtra
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