Jenu Kuruba Tribe, Karnataka - Informative & researched article on Jenu Kuruba Tribe, Karnataka
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Jenu Kuruba Tribe, Karnataka
Jenu Kuruba tribes of Karnataka are original residents of the forests regions of the Western Ghats.
 Jenu Kuruba Tribe, KarnatakaJenu Kuruba Tribes of Karnataka are the original residents of the forests regions of the Western Ghats and also other places of South India. In the Kannada language, the term `Jenu` signifies honey and `kuruba` stands for caste. Therefore their name suggests that these Jenu Kuruba tribes have adapted the profession of honey gathering.

The anthropologists also have tracked out a rich history of the origination of this Jenu Kuruba tribal community of Karnataka. According to them, after the downfall of the Pallava dynasty, several Jenu Kuruba tribes have taken refuge in different places of the southern state of Indian subcontinent. The Jenu Kuruba tribes also have taken up occupations like small land employers and cultivators. Since many of these Jenu Kuruba tribes also have settled down in several forests hideouts, quite naturally these Jenu Kuruba tribes embraced the natural habitat of the forest region. Due to the elongated alienation, these Jenu Kuruba tribes have developed their own culture and ethnicity.

Moreover the Jenu Kuruba tribes lead a carefree lifestyle of a typical nomad, adapting to various occupations like conventional food collectors, shifting cultivators. These Jenu Kuruba tribes also carry on cultivation as a supplementary profession. Instead of plowing the field, these Jenu Kuruba tribes rub the surface with a sort of bamboo spear.

Housing settlements of these Jenu Kuruba tribes too witnesses the style and excellence of the whole of the Jenu Kuruba tribal community. Most of these Jenu Kuruba tribal communities reside in some tiny houses, popularly known as Hadi or Hatti. Only very currently, this Jenu Kuruba tribal community has settled down in numerous of huge hamlets, with the sincere initiatives of the government and other well fare organizations. The Jenu Kuruba tribal community converse in their local language which is known as Jenu Kuruba language.

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(Last Updated on : 20/10/2009)
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Jenu Kuruba Tribe, Karnataka - Informative & researched article on Jenu Kuruba Tribe, Karnataka
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