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Moon Signs
Moon Sign in Astrology is a representation of one’s true inner self. It also depicts one’s mental health and peace of mind.
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 Triangles in Palmistry
Triangles in Palmistry are considered as important signs found on the palm of an individual. Triangles can be of various sizes as found on the hands.
 Nails in Palmistry
Nails are significant part of the palmistry, since it reveals a major part of the temperamental aspects of a person. Nails also represent the diseases and health of a person.
 Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station
Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station is the first Rocket launching centre established in India in 1963.As a rocket launching center it is popularly known for rocket designing, rocket propellant designing, recovering payloads etc.
 lines of travelling in Palmistry
Lines of Travelling are those lines on palms which indicate that a person will gain success in life through a lot of travelling. Generally, lines of travelling appear on the mount of moon.
 Fingers in Palmistry
Fingers of a person provides various unfolded information about the character of an individual in Palmistry. Fingers and Personality are inter-linked along with intelligence of a person.
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Moon Signs
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