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Kiranjit Ahluwalia
Kiranjit Ahluwalia is an Indian woman who received the first Asian Women Awards for “strength and commitment” which was successful in presenting the plight of battered women as a consequence of domestic violence. The movie Provoked starring Aishwarya Rai is inspired by her life.
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Basanti Devi was the first Indian woman who was arrested during non-cooperation movement for selling khadi. She was also an activist during the British rule in India.
 Sucheta Kriplani
A very active woman in politics, she had also written many autobiographical articles, covering her early life.
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Madan Mohan Malviya is a great Indian nationalist and a true Propounder of Hindu culture.
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Moturi Satyanarayana was a Gandhian, freedom fighter, educationist, parliamentarian, and member of Constituent Assembly. He gained prominence as he worked side by side along with Gandhi to welcome the Indian independence.
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Kiranjit Ahluwalia
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