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Garudasana Yoga Asana
Garudasana or the eagle-pose is a cultural asana named involving a twofold twist of the extremities, and enables great freedom and flexibility in the extremities with regular practice.
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Ustrasana is one of the cultural asanas that helps to improve the circulatory and muscular systems, and derives its name from the Sanskrit word for camel, Ustra.
Shirshasana or the Yoga Headstand is an asana prescribed for the cure of a number of diseases.
Parvatasana is the cultural asana which improves spinal disorders.
Padahastasana is a cultural asana that is also known as the forward bending asana. It is the seventh posture in the series of Hatha yoga positions.
 Balasana Yoga Asana
Balasana or the `child pose` is a restful cultural asana that is often sequenced between the stressful asanas. It relaxes both the body and mind.
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Garudasana Yoga Asana
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