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Aries, Zodiac Sign
Aries is a zodiac sign ruled by the planet Mars. As per Indian astrology anybody who is born between 20th March and 20th April belongs to Aries.
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Birth Chart in Horoscope is a map to the placement of the planets at the exact moment when an individual was born. It holds the key to the person’s path of life and personality.
The Palmistry is one of the studies in science which deals with reading the palms of an individual. The lines on palm can tell about a person’s characteristics and how they are shaped. The lines are divided according to many lines of palmistry.
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Head Line in the science of palmistry shows how a person’s thinking is going to shape his or her life. Palmistry suggests that head line is one of the most significant lines in a person’s hand.
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The heart line on the palm of a person denotes the nature, emotion and spiritual development of the person. It begins from the edge of the hand which is from side of the little finger precisely and spread over the top of the palm.
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Benefits of Moonstone are immense. This stone is believed to be protective for women and babies. This stone is adorned for soothing and balancing emotion.
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Aries, Zodiac Sign
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