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Varieties of Japa
There are a variety of Japa because Mantra Japa can become monotonous after a prolonged practice.
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Kurmasana is a Yoga posture resembling the tortoise which is the second avatar of Lord Vishnu.
Mudra is a form of expression by the use of fingers of both the hands of a human being. The references of Mudra are there in the philosophies of the East as well as in the Yogic practices.
 Surya Yoga
Surya Yoga helps in revitalise energy and negates the illnesses of the mind and body of human being.
 Yoga for Mental Problems
Yoga looks into every mental problem and cures them efficiently through the various contemplative asanas.
 Nauli Kriya
Nauli Kriya is a cultural asana where the Yogi rotates the abdomen speedily like a rotating whirlpool.
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Varieties of Japa
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