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Armlet , Indian Jewellery
Armlet is a form of traditional jewellery that has evolved as a latest fashion accessory.
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 Jewellery in Mughal Period
Jewellery in Mughal Period was one of the most dominant parts of the Mughal tradition. Royal members of the family including both men and women used to display their wealth and status by wearing heavy jewellery.
 Traditional Jewellery of Assam
Traditional Jewellery of Assam is very much beautiful to look at and is a very prestigious part of Assamese culture. Lokaparo, Bana, Dholbiri, Jonbiri, Galpata and Keru are some of the important jewelleries of Assam.
 Moghul Jewellery for neck
Mughals influenced jewellery making throughout India. The Mughals ruled India nearly 5 centuries ago. Simple necklaces and bangles began to get more ornate, and jewellery came to reflect the fine artistry and handiwork of the artisan.
 Jewellery of Sunga Period
Continuing the tradition of the Mauryan jewellery, the jewellery of Sunga period was a little refined than the earlier periods. The materials used for making jewellery were mainly gold and precious stones like corals, rubies, sapphires, agates and crystals along with pearls.
 South Indian Jewellery
South Indian Jewellery pieces are primarily made out of gold and worn during traditional festivals and weddings. The designs are inspired from the fresco paintings.the fresco paintings.
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Armlet , Indian Jewellery
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