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Concluding Part
The Part VII is the concluding part of kamasutra and is divided into two chapters.
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This section explains everything related to the acquisition of Dharma, Artha and Kama.
 Introductory to Kama Sutra
Introductory to Kama Sutra, Part I of the treatise deals with preliminary stages in a man`s life.
 Classes of Women
This chapter provides information about Classes of Women Fit and Unfit for Congress with the Citizen, and of friends.
 Arrangements of House
Kamasutra describes on the right Arrangements of House, and Household Furniture; and About the Daily Life of a Citizen, His Companions and Amusements to enhance prosperity of the family.
 Manner of living of a virtuous woman
The Vatsayana`s Kamasutra deals with the manner of living of a virtuous woman at the time when her husband is away.
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Concluding Part
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