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Priya Murle
An established Bharatanatyam dancer, Priya Murle skillfully teaches her students at Shree Bharatalaya.
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 Kummattikali Dance
Kummattikali is colourful mask-dance of Kerala that is popular in South Malabar and this dance is performed during the festival of Onam.
 Indian Dances
Indian dance forms are a rich and diverse art form that encompasses classical styles like Bharatanatyam, Kathak, and Odissi, as well as folk and tribal dances from various regions. Rooted in tradition yet constantly evolving, Indian dance reflects the country`s cultural and social heritage.
 Kalarippayattu - Art Form of Kerala
Kalarippayattu is an ancient form of martial art that originated in the state of Kerala. Apart from being a system of self defence, it was also devised as a means of attaining moksha by cleansing and disciplining the body.
 Chhapeli Dance
Chhapeli is a dance form of the Kumaon which is performed with lots of pomp and show. Couples dance to the tune of the music played by instruments.
 Raibenshe Dance
Raibeshe dance is performed by the men of Bauris and Domes of the Bengal districts which depict the martial arts and military skills of Bengal.
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Priya Murle
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