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Loanna Srinivasan, Indian Dancer
Loanna Srinivasan with her talent, grace and abhinaya has become one of the exponents of the Kathak dance.
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 Amala Shankar
Amala Shankar is the wife of Uday Shankar and was born in Kolkata. Name of her daughter is Mamata Shankar.
 Indian Dance Festivals
Indian Dance Festivals are organised to appreciation the various dance forms of the country and introduce them to the world. Different place in India is known for its unique regional and classical dance forms and these festivals throws spotlight on these ancient forms of performing arts.
 Indian Dance Academies
Indian Dance Academies are the institutes offering a comprehensive curriculum related to various Indian dance forms. These academies are playing a major role in promoting various Indian dance forms and also bringing up more dancing talents from the country.
 Folk Dances of Rajasthan
Folk dances of Rajasthan include various folk performing art forms. The traditional dances of this region are absolutely colourful, energetic, and reflect the culture and society of the people living in the region. Most of these dances are related to some folk festival or ritual that traces its origin thousands of years ago.
 Folk Dance of Nagaland
Folk Dance of Nagaland reflects the naga tradition and culture of the local habitants. In most of the cases, naga dances are monopoly of men with some exception but almost ever dance is associated with some kind of naga festival or tradition.
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Loanna Srinivasan, Indian Dancer
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