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Anuloma Viloma
Anuloma Viloma is a cultural asana where the yogi draws his breath through the nostrils.
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 Indian Institute of Yogic Science and Research
Indian Institute of Yogic Science and Research is situated in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Established in 2008, it is affiliated to Utkal University of Culture.
 Bandhas - Yoga
Bandhas are an integral part of yogic practice. It helps to control and improve the function of body’s internal organ systems.
 Vrksasana Yoga Asana
Vrksasana, or the tree pose, is a Cultural Asana where the final posture resembles a tree. It strengthens the calf and ankle muscles.
 Vrisasana Yoga Asana
Vrisasana is a meditative Yoga Asana that resembles a seated bull, and indicates the virility of a bull and the sexual temperance of a practiced Yogi.
 Vasisthasana Yoga Asana
Vasisthasana is a cultural yoga asana also known as the side plank pose strengthens the arms and the wrist. It is named after Vashishta, a major sage in the Hindu tradition.
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Anuloma Viloma
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