Benefits of Malachite - Informative & researched article on Benefits of Malachite
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Benefits of Malachite
Benefits of Malachite actually assists in promoting peace and harmony. It also improves the communication throughout the physical body.
 Benefits of MalachiteBenefits of Malachite are many and help to promotes harmony and enhance communication throughout your physical body. The flow of energy for Malachite is rhythmic. It has a wave-like motion and helps to erode discordant energies and also alerts the entire body to its own disharmonies. The stone helps to awaken all the cells and alerts other cells about what is happening, so that the body can rally its healing forces to fight disease and restore peace and harmony. If a diseased part of the body comes back to harmony with the entire body then the system functions in a better manner.

Benefits of Wearing Malachite Necklace
There are many benefits that can be associated with using of Malachite. It helps in absorbing negative energies, pollutants and also helps in picking them up from atmosphere and from the body. It also protects the body from harmful radiations of the sun and also clears electromagnetic pollutions. Malachite helps in clearing and activating the chakras and attunes to spiritual guidance. It also opens the heart to unconditional love. It promotes change and risk tasking, breaks all the unwanted ties and outworn norms. This stone helps to release inhibitions and develops empathy with others. Malachite helps to combat dyslexia and releases old traumas and negative vibes.

Remedial Benefits of Malachite:
It is a protective stone.
It enhances psychic abilities.
Green and black malachite releases old and past life traumas.
Metallic brown malachite balances hara line and kundalini energies.

This stone helps to address the issue of mood swings and heals cramps. It facilitates labour ability, controls the menstrual disorder, period pains and menopause as well. It boosts the nervous system and immune system of the body. Malachite helps to lowers blood pressure, and treats physical ailments like asthma, fractures, swollen joints, arthritis, epilepsy, growths, travel sickness, the optic nerve, pancreas, vertigo, tumors, spleen and the parathyroid. It line ups with the DNA and improves the case of immune system. Malachite excites the liver to release harmful toxins.

Malachite is a typical stone which is an emotional healing agent. It aids in releasing painful trauma and negativity. It is the perfect tool that helps anyone who is undergoing psychotherapy.

This stone is traditionally linked with Venus.

(Last Updated on : 10/11/2015)
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Benefits of Malachite - Informative & researched article on Benefits of Malachite
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