Benefits of Topaz - Informative & researched article on Benefits of Topaz
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Benefits of Topaz
Benefits of Topaz are innumerable in numbers. Topaz is a valuable gemstone and it looks beautiful in jewelleries. It delivered strength to its wearers.
 Benefits of TopazBenefits of Topaz have immense importance. It was believed in the ancient Greek that Topaz gives its wearer strength and makes them invisible. This stone has medical as well as astrological benefits.

Medical Benefits of Topaz
Topaz is known to stimulate an endocrine system. It helps in general tissue regeneration. Topaz is valuable in the treatment of haemorrhages. It also increases poor appetite and helps fighting blood disorders. Topaz gemstones should be worn if one wishes to be clear-sighted. As legend has it Topaz dispels all enchantment and helps to improve eyesight as well. Some persons believed that these gemstones had the power to increase strength and make its wearer invisible in times of emergency. Topaz gemstone was also said to change colour in the presence of poisoned food or drink. Its mystical curative powers waxed and waned with the phases of the moon. It was said to cure insomnia, asthma, and haemorrhages in a great manner. Some believe that Topaz is a palliative against pains from arthritis, rheumatism, gall bladder stones and endocrine glands.

Astrological Benefits of Topaz
Topaz is reputed to make men handsome and intelligent and sterile women fertile and happy. It was also claimed that one could immerse the hand in boiling water after a topaz had been thrown into it and retract it again unharmed. It can also enrich the ability of analyzing and reasoning, wisdom and wit, sensibility and reversal of response.

Topaz balances emotions and calms passions. It releases tension and gives feelings of joy. Topaz is also known as spiritual rejuvenation gemstone. Topaz is a very hard gemstone but it can be split with a single blow, a trait it shares with Diamond. As a result it should be protected from hard knocks.

In mysticism, the topaz is attributed with a cooling, styptic and appetizing effect. It is said to dispel sadness, anger and nocturnal fears, to warn its wearer of poisons and protect him or her from sudden death,

Topaz is well known for its manifesting properties. Golden Topaz is an energiser. Blue Topaz helps to stimulate the throat chakra. Clear topaz is a transformative gemstone which helps to facilitate karmic clearings and soul healings.

(Last Updated on : 22/12/2012)
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Benefits of Topaz - Informative & researched article on Benefits of Topaz
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