Nude Photography in India - Informative & researched article on Nude Photography in India
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Nude Photography in India
Nude photography in India refers to a form of art photography that portrays the bare human body in various aesthetic styles for study.
 Nude Photography in IndiaNude Photography in India is not comparable or related to glamour or erotic photography, as there is no element suggesting sexuality or sensuality. This genre of photography primarily studies the basic human body, instead of the person. These photographs are not like portraits as in most cases the subject's face is not revealed. In India, nude photography is done very aesthetically as the poised image of an individual is taken in a motionless position. The human figure is the key objective in this photography. The photographs are enhanced by the use of edgy shadow and light falling over the body to demonstrate formation and texture of the human form. Nude Photography involves capturing of the human body in an artistic and aesthetic manner, without focusing on the subject, but rather showcasing the bare human form.

Earlier, during the 1800's, nude pictures were depicted in the form of paintings or drawings. Change in the field of nude photography came with the technological changes in the camera and the camera design. The photographer should know the kind of lights to use to accentuate the emotion and body part, one wants to portray and in what manner, so that it does not look flimsy but artistic and bring out the emotion through the human figure. In India, nude photography has not got much exposure, though famous fashion photographers like Vikram Bawa and Madhur Shroff and some others too have tried their hands on nude photography and have been successful too.

It is not difficult to try and frame a nude person in camera. All one needs is a model willing to pose, an innovative mind, clear and lucid vision and spontaneity. There are as many different ways of approaching the nude as there are good photographers of the nude, and it is important to spend as much time to study nude pictures. One of the things that make the nude a difficult subject is that it is so easy to get emotionally intense about the body in front of the camera and react to that emotional intensity rather than making the picture represent some of that feeling.

The focus of the photographer lies in highlighting the basic human form and not in titillating the viewer. Like various aspects of photography in any other field, good nude photography has the objective of depicting something different. One needs to be aware of the difference between looking at the subject and looking at the picture.

(Last Updated on : 27/03/2012)
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Nude Photography in India - Informative & researched article on Nude Photography in India
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