Symptoms of Piles - Informative & researched article on Symptoms of Piles
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Symptoms of Piles
Symptoms of Piles include fissures, fistulae, abscesses, anal melanoma and irritation, which are not life threatening.
 Symptoms of PilesSymptoms of Piles refer to the anorectal problems, including fissures, fistulae, abscesses, anal melanoma and itching, also called pruritus ani that have similar symptoms and are erroneously referred to as hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are usually not dangerous or life threatening. In most cases, hemorrhoidal symptoms fade away within a few days; however the existing pain is usually unbearable.

Although many people observe the symptoms of Piles, the most common symptom of internal hemorrhoidial radiation is bright red blood covering the feces, on toilet paper, and in the toilet bowl. However, an internal hemorrhoid may project through the anus outside the body, becoming irritated and painful. This is known as a protruding hemorrhoid. Symptoms of Piles that are termed as external hemorrhoids may include painful swelling or a hard lump around the anus that results when a blood clot forms. This condition is known as a thrombosed external hemorrhoid.

In addition, excessive straining, rubbing, or cleaning around the anus may cause irritation with bleeding and itching, which may produce a vicious cycle of symptoms of Piles. Draining anal mucus, produced by the dentate line may also cause itching. Identifying piles symptoms will help the person to learn whether he has Piles. Once Piles is identified the proper treatment can be executed.

The prime symptoms of Piles are as follows -
* Bright red blood from the anus, which one may notice on the toilet paper while wiping, or in the toilet bowl, after the individual has dropped a deuce

* A lump on the anus

* Pain and discomfort after one has passed the bowel

* A slimy discharge of mucus, which may leave the area itchy

* A feeling that the bowels have not finished emptying

* Soiling underwear (This Piles symptom is common with third or fourth degree piles)

(Last Updated on : 21/02/2014)
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Symptoms of Piles - Informative & researched article on Symptoms of Piles
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