Homeopathic Treatment of Hair Fall - Informative & researched article on Homeopathic Treatment of Hair Fall
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Homeopathic Treatment of Hair Fall
Homeopathic treatment of hair fall assimilates within its domain an array of medicines, wholly natural in attempt.
 Homeopathic Treatment of Hair FallHomeopathy and homeopathic treatment for hair fall and loss at times comes to the perfect and long lasting rescue. Most of the hair fall conditions can be very effectively treated within the range and reach of this very medical world, involving humble amounts of remedies. Homeopathic treatment for hair fall depends upon the 'causative factor' and the constitution of the patient as well. Hair loss is just an indicator that there is something not well in the body again. Hairs may fall due to a localised infection or due to a systemic disorder or deficiency. The treatment as such, also varies accordingly.

The mentioned below homeopathic medicines are often found counselled in cases of hair fall:
Alum, Ars, Bar-c, Carbo-veg, Flour-ac, Graph, Lyco, Nat-m, Nit-ac, Phos-ac, Phos, Selen, Sep, Syph, Thallium, Vinca.

The homeopathic treatment for hair fall and loss varies according to the cause of hair damage and shedding. Alumina, Arsenicum album, Baryta carbonica, Carbo vegetabilis, Flouricum acidum, Graphites, Lycopodium, Natrum muriaticum, Nitricum acidum, Phosphoricum acidum, Phosphorus, Selenium, Sepia, Syphilinum, Thallium and Vinca minor are some of the most constructive and functional remedies. In a localised manner, Arctium lappa, Ceanothus, Malva sylvestis and Tropaeolum can be applied in mother tincture form blended with coconut or other oil. Phosphoricum acidum 5C, Ambra grisea 9C are administered if the hair fall is due to repeated grieves and sorrowfulnesses. If hair loss is due to depression, irritability and anxiety, Nitric acid 5C and Arsenicum album 9C are mostly advised to be ministered. If hair fall homeopathic treatment is applied on slow, constipated and sycotic patient, graphites 5C and Thuja 9C come to beneficial rescue. Lycopodium, Sepia and Natrum muriaticum can also be given for hair loss in times of post-pregnancy.

Natrum Muriaticum
Natrum Muriaticum is a most intriguing illustration of homeopathic medicine for hair fall treatment, prepared from a common food substance, the common salt, sodium chloride. As per rule, the common salt goes through a special procedure named as 'potentisation', by which its inner healing power is triggered off to make it available for healing.

Holding within its ambit, this medicine has a broad spectrum of action and is handy and valuable for a wide range of disease processes affecting the skin, gastrointestinal organs, nose, lungs, kidney, metabolism, muscles, head, hormonal system, etc. It is one of the most commonly employed remedies for hair loss, fissures, urticaria, migraine, eczema, lichen planus, vitiligo, asthma, etc.

Natrum muriaticum is most frequently prescribed in cases of homeopathic treatment of hair fall, especially amongst anaemic females.

Silicea is one of the marvellous acts of homeopathy that substances branded as inert can also be utilised expeditiously to treat an enormous variety of disorders. Silicea is the instance of one such substance, which is chemically inert in its natural form, but after undergoing the process of 'potentisation', it gets metamorphosed into a profound, deep acting remedy. Silicea is in true sense referred to as polycrest remedy, owns a broad spectrum of action, helpful for a wide range of disease processes.

Silicea optimistically and definitively influences the bones and joints, mucous membranes, skin, cellular tissue, nerves, glands, lungs, digestive system. Silicea is one of the most recurrently used homeopathic medicines for treatments of hair fall, vitiligo, eczema, lichen planus, herpes, urticaria, asthmatic bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, styes and chalazion, trigeminal neuralgia, ills of nails, tonsillitis, etc. This homeopathic medicine is frequently prescribed for problematic complaints of hair loss.

Homeopathic Treatment of Hair Fall Patients requiring silicea usually have tendency of easy suppuration of skin injuries. Silicea positively charms and determines nourishment as well and thus is one of the prominent remedies used for rickets in children.

Phosphorus acts as a brilliant remedy devised by the 'potentisation' of inorganic phosphorus. After undergoing the process of potentisation, the dormant and underlying healing powers of this drug are brought to surface and proves to be a fantastic remedy capable of curing a wide range of diseases. As can be seen from the already mentioned homeopathic treatments of hair fall and loss, phosphorus is likewise admirable for its curing prowess.

Phosphorus predominantly acts upon the gastrointestinal tract, hepato-biliary system, blood, kidneys, bones, lungs, nervous tissue, etc. It is repeatedly used in the homeopathic treatment of hair fall and loss, nephrotic syndrome, hepatitis, cirrhosis, haemorrhagic tendencies, respiratory infections, osteomyelitis, paralytic symptoms, etc.

Some of the common indications of Phosphorus comprise:
  • falling of hair in large clumps in respective areas;

  • dandruff with uncontrolled itchiness of the scalp;

  • patients turning highly sensitive to external impressions like light, sound, odours, touch, thunderstorms, etc;

  • patients becoming restless, excitable, nervous to sudden and inopportune moments;

  • the medicine affecting the kidneys, causing albuminuria and haematuria;

  • patient has profuse, pale, watery urine with severe weakness;

  • there is witnessed an increased susceptibility to colds amongst children.

  • Lycopodium
    Lycopodium is looked at as one of the most excellent remedies in homeopathic treatment for hair fall and is prepared from the club moss (fungus). After undergoing the process of 'potenisation', the clandestine and curative powers of this fungus are brought to the normal light and is metamorphosed to a deep acting homeopathic remedy.

    This drug is most visibly prescribed for complaints of hair fall, premature baldness and premature greying of hair. Lycopodium is also one of the authentic prescribed remedies for complaints of the gastro-intestinal organs, reproductive organs, urinary complaints, skin and respiratory disorders. It is often counselled for chronic eczemas, where the skin turns excessively desiccated and dehydrated and raw from itching, thick and hardened skin due to eczema. Sickening secretions, fissured eruptions and violent itching are a few of Lycopodium's everyday indications. The complaints further turn more worse from warmth and get more bettered by cold compresses.

    Nitricum acidum
    As the name suggests, the Nitricum acidum drug is developed from nitric acid. It needs also to be remembered that this homeopathic remedy for treatment of hair fall does not contain the original drug substance in its material form, but includes only the dynamic powers of the drug which are released after it undergoes the process of 'potentisation'.

    Nitricum acidum is a profoundly acting, constitutional remedy which absolutely influences the gastrointestinal tract, nerves, glands, skin, bones, etc. This homeopathic medicine is one of the most widespread utilised drugs for hair loss, vitiligo, warts, ulcers, fissures, gastritis, haemorrhoids, bony and rheumatic affections, malignancy, cachexia, etc.

    Some of Nitricum acidum's characteristic features comprise -
  • loss of hair from the vertex
  • supra sensitiveness of the scalp

  • Homeopathic Treatment of Hair Fall
    It is the inherent magnificence of homeopathy that it can make use of such a vast range of natural resources ranging from plants and their products, minerals and compounds and even animal products for its medicines. Sepia is one such instance of medicine prepared from the inky juice of cuttle fish. The embryonic and hidden medicinal power of this juice is aroused by means of homeopathic 'potentisation', later turning itself successfully as a remedy for homeopathic treatment of hair fall and loss.

    Sepia, in true sense, is referred to as polycrest remedy, as it possesses a broad spectrum of action and is exceedingly useful for a wide range of disease processes. It charms upon the skin, digestive system, female genital organs, liver, glands, lungs and nerves in a sublime manner. Sepia is one of the most universally employed medicines for hair fall and loss, irritable bowel syndrome, herpes, eczema, urticaria, lichen planus, ring worm, vitiligo, styes and chalazion, asthma, urinary tract infection. It is one of the best medicines for many gynecological and pregnancy related complaints.

    This homeopathic drug serves as an especially beneficial homeopathic drug for hair loss during the menopausal times and during and after parturition. It is also a pretty reasonable remedy for alopecia areata, where the hair falls out from the scalp leaving bald patches behind. Besides these mentioned utilisations, Sepia acts as an intelligent drug for matting of the hair.

    Graphites serve as a magnificent deep acting constitutional homeopathic remedy in treatment of hair fall and breakage, prepared from black lead (mineral carbon). It is justly a first-rate exemplar of one of the marvellous acts of homeopathy that an inert substance like this can be transformed into a remedy, possessing such a panoptic sphere of action. Graphites confidently persuasively acts upon the skin, nourishment, circulation, gastrointestinal organs, reproductive system, glandular tissues, mind, etc.

    Graphites is one of the commonly indicated remedies for hair loss treatment in homeopathy, eczema, callosities, fissures, ulcerations, dyspepsia, chronic constipation, obesity, menstrual complaints, etc.

    Graphites acts as a luxurious remedy for menopausal complaints and is quite often advised for various symptoms that come about during the menopausal period.

    A few of Graphites common indications comprise:
  • one of the much sensible remedies for falling out of hair from the entire scalp;

  • utilised also for alopecia patches on the occiput due to moist eruptions on the scalp; falling of hair at temples;

  • also inducing alopecia in infants

  • Homeopathic Treatment of Hair Fall Phosphoric acid Phosphoric acid keeps acting with its potential prowess by profoundly acting as a constitutional remedy prepared from 'potentisation' of Glacial Phosphoric Acid. It is one of the most transcendental remedies employed for homeopathic treatment for hair fall, mental debility followed by physical debility, which further leads to a host of complaints. This drug is recurrently utilised for complaints of hair loss, diabetes, haemorrhages, debility, depression, gastro-intestinal infections, sexual complaints, etc. Ailments arising due to loss of vital fluids from the body and after acute illnesses, early hair falling and greying of hair are some of essential areas, where Phosphoric acid finds its widespread usage. Hair tending to fall out from the scalp, eyebrows, genitals, etc also call for a dosage of this homeopathic drug for treatments. When grievances of hair loss come about after acute illnesses like fevers, etc, phosphoric acid turns out to be a very effective remedy. Often the grievances come about after some mournful and grieving experience and the patient tends to be chronically sad and depressed.

    Fluoric acid
    Fluoric acid acts as a remedy that is prepared from homeopathic 'potentisation' of hydrofluoric acid.

    It is one of the highest quality homeopathic treatments for hair fall and loss and few of its common denotations are as follows:
  • a much resounding and praised remedy for cases of alopecia areata;

  • the patient suffers from loss of hair, especially after fevers;

  • post the fever stage, patient loses hair in spots from the scalp;

  • hair loss due to syphilis;

  • too much of clinging of hair - they are matted together and get tangled easily;

  • falling out of hair after typhoid;

  • (Last Updated on : 11/03/2014)
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    Homeopathic Treatment of Hair Fall - Informative & researched article on Homeopathic Treatment of Hair Fall
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