Surabhi Mudra, Types of Mudras - Informative & researched article on Surabhi Mudra, Types of Mudras
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Surabhi Mudra, Types of Mudras
Surabhi Mudra is a powerful and effective mudra that helps in breaking barriers and achieving ultimate meditation.
 Surabhi Mudra, Types of MudrasSurabhi Mudra is a very effective and powerful mudra. This type of mudra helps a 'sadhak' or an aspirant practitioner to break any barriers which he may face at the time of achieving 'samadhi' or the ultimate meditation. The Surabhi Mudra is practiced by touching the little finger of the left hand with the ring finger of the right hand. According to this mudra, the little finger of the right hand should come in contact the ring finger of the left hand. Further, the middle fingers of both hands should touch the index fingers of the other and the thumbs should be kept extended. Fingers and thumbs are joined at tips with thumbs touching each other. In this type of mudra, the left index finger joins right middle finger. Right index finger joins left finger of Saturn or middle finger. Left ring finger joins right little finger and right ring finger joins left little finger.

In Surabhi Mudra, the celestial elements are combined such as to magnify and multiply their powers and produce powerful results on human body. In Surabhi mudra, Vayu (Wind) represented by the first finger meets Aakash (Ether) represented by the middle finger. This position soothes the chakra (the circle) of the universe. Further, Prithvi (Earth) symbolized by the ring finger meets Jal (Water) symbolized by the small finger and produces the procreative power of the universe.

Types of Surabhi Mudra
Surabhi Mudra is helpful for stabilizing and bringing in resonance the 'Nabhi Chakra' or the circle of the navel. This mudra is considered as essential for the final pinnacle of the human mind and body. The mudra is furcated in four different categories each of which gives different results. The variations of Surabhi Mudra are Vayu Surabhi Mudra, Shunya Surabhi Mudra, Prithvi Surabhi Mudra and Jal Surabhi Mudra. The classifications of Surabhi Mudra are given as follows -

Vayu Surabhi Mudra: Vayu Surabhi Mudra is a variation of the basic Surabhi Mudra. This mudra helps to eliminate all problems resulting from the formation of wind in the system.

Shunya Surabhi Mudra: Shunya Surabhi Mudra increases the ethereal inanity of the human mind and basically helps the 'sadhak' or the aspirer to increase the hearing power manifold.

Prithvi Surabhi Mudra: Prithvi Surabhi Mudra assists to cure all ailments generated in the stomach due to problems in the digestive system. This mudra is effective especially for people suffering from chronic digestive defects.

Jal Surabhi Mudra: Jal Surabhi Mudra facilitates and eliminates diseases associated with bile. It also helps in curing urine related diseases and assists easy passage.

Benefits of Surabhi Mudra
Surabhi Mudra assists to gain several remedial for diseases as well as mental tranquility. It is believed that, practicing this mudra grants the human wishes easily. Surabhi Mudra generates relaxation in all sorts of stomach problems. Regular practice of this mudra balances five main substances that are earth, water, wind, fire, space and hence balances 'vatt', 'pitt' and 'cough'. Further, Surabhi Mudra ameliorates concentration power and removes impurity of body. This mudra equilibrates the extract of various glands. Thus, Surabhi Mudra is supposed to be an effective tool against rheumatoid arthritis.

This particular mudra helps the sadhak to break all the barriers and achieve the goal. The regular practice of this mudra helps to stabilize the health conditions.

(Last Updated on : 21/08/2014)
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Surabhi Mudra, Types of Mudras - Informative & researched article on Surabhi Mudra, Types of Mudras
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