Makara Mudra - Informative & researched article on Makara Mudra
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Makara Mudra
Makara Mudra or crocodile Mudra is practised for activate kidney energy, practised for ten minutes .
 Makara MudraMakara Mudra is the crocodile Mudra in Indian mythology. This Mudra is practised to activate kidney energy. It taps the reserves of strength. Makara is Sanskrit means crocodile. The Mudra when practised activates kidney energy. Makara Mudra can be done three times a day for about ten minutes.

Human beings also have reserves of strength that are restored during phases of rest. The crocodile can mobilize tremendous strength, which has been built up during the body`s endlessly long resting periods. This mudra activates kidney energy, which is related to this reserve of strength. Makara Mudra also helps in the restoration of satisfaction, happiness. This mudra has the power of healing black rings under the eyes

In the Makara Mudra, the practitioner is required to place one hand inside the other. The next process follows extension of the thumb of the lower hand through the little finger and ring finger and places it in the middle of the palm of the upper hand. In the Makara Mudra this process is practised by the practitioner so that the thumb and the tip of the ring finger touch each other.

Benefits of Makara Mudra
  • Solves the problem of nervous bladder complaints.

  • This mudra has a calming and centering effect

  • Increases a sense of security and confidence

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    (Last Updated on : 09/03/2011)
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    Makara Mudra - Informative & researched article on Makara Mudra
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