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Joint Mudra, Yoga
Joint Mudra heals any kind of joint ailment, practised with both hands four times a day.
 Joint Mudra, YogaJoint Mudra is one of the hand postures which ensure various health benefits. There are many dynamic yoga exercises that can be used to help against joint pain and this mudra is one of them. It is the basic Yoga for everybody. As the name suggests, this Mudra is very good for relieving joints. It balances energy in the joints and is effective. This mudra should be practised with both hands. This mudra helps to relieve practitioners from severe arthritis. This mudra balances energy in the joints. Joint mudra is ideal for old people and for individuals who have crossed their mid 40s.

Practice of Joint Mudra
The practice of this mudra is very simple and can be performed anywhere. While practising the Joint Mudra, thumb and ring finger of right hand are put together. Thumb and middle finger are brought together of the left hand. Joint Mudra can be done four times day for fifteen minutes. In case of ill-ness, the mudra should be held six times a day for thirty minutes. Though the healing process is a little slow and it may take months, yet persistence can have quick effect.

Benefits of Joint Mudra
The regular practice of this mudra ensures a number of benefits, some of which are as follows:
  • This mudra reduces excess vata and dryness in the joints.
  • It is extremely helpful in controlling joint pains and muscular pains.
  • It reduces arthritis and relieves the tension zone.
  • It restores energy and heals the wearied out ligaments/tendons/muscles at and around the joints.
  • Those who are involved in desk job and spend maximum of their time in front of the computer can practice this mudra. These types of jobs lead one to stiffness and soreness in elbows, wrist, fingers and knees. So the practice of this mudra helps by restoring the energy and space element in the joints. It helps in reducing pain.

  • Note: Those who have chronic joints pain they can gently massage Mahanarayan oil or Sesame oil on the affected joint. After applying the oil, one has to cover the joints with thick cloth or crepe bandage to let the muscles absorb heat and medicinal effect of the oil.

    (Last Updated on : 12/11/2014)
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    Joint Mudra, Yoga - Informative & researched article on Joint Mudra, Yoga
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