Chin Mudra - Informative & researched article on Chin Mudra
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Chin Mudra
Chin Mudra, a form of Hatha Yoga, is also known as Gyan Mudra and helps in merging individual soul with the universal soul.
 Chin MudraChin Mudra, also known as Gyan Mudra, represents the unified nature of human consciousness by the formation of a circle by joining the index finger and thumb. Yoga generates awareness and self-control in a person. Hatha Yoga comprises of various postures of the hand along with proper breathing, energy seals and locks. A Mudra is basically an energy seal. Chin Mudra attempts at integrating a person's soul with the soul of the divine power. It is suggested to recite the Bija Mantra, which goes as 'Aum Yum Namaha'. Chin Mudra is practised with the nail of the index finger placed into the first joint of the thumb. The last three fingers are always faced down towards the earth in this Mudra. The gesture involved in the Chin Mudra is a motion of receiving. When the finger touches the thumb, a circuit is produced which allows the energy that normally dispels into the environment, to travel back into the body, and up to the brain.

Moreover, when the fingers and hands are placed on the knees, the knees are sensitised creating another Pranic circuit that maintains and redirects Prana within the body. It is believed by the Yoga experts that the Chin Mudra stimulates a "Nadi' when the hands are placed on the knees. In this process the energy runs from the knees up to the inside of the thighs and into the perineum. In addition to that in the Chin Mudra, when the palms face upwards, the chest and heart are unfastened. The process in the Chin Mudra involves closing of eyes and fixing the gaze at the nose tip, mid-eyebrow centre, heart centre, navel centre or anywhere.

Benefits of Chin Mudra
* Chin Mudra stimulates the energies at the Mooladhara chakra
* It creates a pranic circuit that maintains and redirects prana within the body
* Chin Mudra is alos known to reduce Lower Back Pain, but it is suggested to recite "Wung R Hong".
* Chin Mudra also reduces unnecessary tension and stress in a person
* Chin Mudra improves concentration and helps during meditation
* This Mudra enhances energy and reduces lethargic tendencies

(Last Updated on : 21/08/2014)
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Chin Mudra - Informative & researched article on Chin Mudra
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