Bhudi Mudra, Yoga - Informative & researched article on Bhudi Mudra, Yoga
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Bhudi Mudra, Yoga
Bhudi mudra is a hand posture practised for fifteen minutes every day to maintain fluid balance. .
 Bhudi Mudra, YogaBhudi mudra also called "fluid mudra" is preferred as it helps to restore or maintain equilibrium in the fluid balance of the body. Bhudi is also spelled and pronounced as bhuddi, bhudy, bhuddy and buddhi. This mudra is effective against pyelitis. More than eighty percent of human body is water and it is essential to maintain the right water balance of the body. This mudra can be used against a dry mouth, eyes that are too dry and burning, or disorders in the kidney and bladder area.

Steps of Bhudi Mudra
The steps of this mudra are very simple but it is advisable to consult with a doctor before performing the exercise on a regular basis. The process of Bhudi mudra is to place the tip of one`s thumb and little finger together. The little finger is associated with the sacrum and contains the element of water. The other fingers are extended in a relaxed way. This can be performed with each hand. Bhudi mudra can be practiced three times a day for fifteen minutes as a course of treatment. People with problems like dry mouth, dry lips, dry throat, dry skin, dry eyes, burning sensation in the urine can practice this mudra for 10-15 minutes or as when needed.

Benefits of Bhudi Mudra
Bhudi mudra ensures various health benefits to the practitioner. The key benefits are as follows: * Bhudi mudra helps maintain the fluid balance in the body.
* It also improves the sense of taste
* It is helpful for people with deficiency of water element.
* It tones up and strengthens the kidney and encourages the bladder to function properly.
* It helps oneself to get the booty shaking.
* It calms the mind and helps to get rid of negative thoughts.
* It improves concentration and meditation power.
* It helps oneself to connect with innermost feelings.
* It improves belief, spirit, touch sensation, feeling and intuition.

Caution about Bhudi Mudra
* People who have problem like Kapha Constitution (heavy, slow, laid back attitude, excess mucous) should not practice this mudra. * It is advisable to avoid bhudi mudra if one faces problems like cough, cold and sinusitis.

(Last Updated on : 22/09/2014)
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Bhudi Mudra, Yoga - Informative & researched article on Bhudi Mudra, Yoga
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