Famous Indian Sculptures, Indian Sculpture - Informative & researched article on Famous Indian Sculptures, Indian Sculpture
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Famous Indian Sculptures, Indian Sculpture
Famous Indian Sculptures.
 Often hailed as the land of diversity, India is speckled with numerous sculptures which highlight the rich culture and the peaceful co-existence of different communities in the sub-continent. There are certain famous Indian sculptures which have international fame. For instance the Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Besides the recipient of such a prestige and position in the arena of sculpture, Indian sculpture has successfully created its separate identity. The intricate works that adorn the colossal buildings is simply amazing.

Akshardham Temple Sculptures, Indian Sculpture The famous Indian sculptures are incorporated in the Indian temple sculptures, Indian cave sculptures and Indian stupa sculptures. The religious places in India are the best sources for finding more about the remarkable sculptures of India. The Indian temples were once the centre of cultural activity. As a result it was here that the artisans and sculptors displayed their endowments. Sculpture, calligraphy and iconography, thus, blossomed within the temples. Both South and North India have been beautified with opulent Hindu, Buddhist and Jain shrines.

The recurring motifs used in these places of worship were foliage sculptures, animal motifs, kirtimukhas, perforated windows, lathe turned pillars and others. Temples like the Sun Temple (Konark), Meenaxi Temple (Madurai) and the Sculpture Of Veeranarayana Temple, Belavadi, Hoysala Sculpture sculpture of Veeranarayana Temple, Belavadi are some of the many specimens of sculptural acumen that existed in India. Amongst the new breed of temples it is the Akshardham Temple that stands out for its perfectionism.

An outstanding feature that makes Indian sculptures famous worldwide is the use of the erotic sculptures. Amorousness in these temples is synonymous to love. The aestheticism in these sculptures prevents them from being considered obscene. In fact it is amazing that temples which are more than 1000 years old have been adorned with such sculptures.

Some of the famous Indian sculptures are as follows:
Indian Temple Sculpture Sculpture of Akshardham Temple Elephanta Caves
Sculpture of Sun Temple, Konark Khajuraho Sculptures Indian Stupa Sculpture
Sculpture of Meenaxi Temple Indian Cave Sculpture Sculpture of Sanchi Stupa
Sculpture of Rameshwaram Temple Ajanta Caves Sculpture of Sarnath
Sculpture of Kamakhya Temple Ellora Caves  

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Famous Indian Sculptures, Indian Sculpture - Informative & researched article on Famous Indian Sculptures, Indian Sculpture
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