Chrysoprase, Gemstone - Informative & researched article on Chrysoprase, Gemstone
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Chrysoprase, Gemstone
Chrysoprase is a green variety of chalcedony, which is cryptocrystalline quartz.
 Chrysoprase, GemstoneChrysoprase is a green variety of cryptocrystalline quartz. Its green colour is due to the presence of nickel impurities in the form of oxides or silicates of nickel. It can vary from a greenish yellow to a clear apple green. It is usually cut en cabochon, or into beads. It is also used for intaglios and cameos. The staining of agate makes imitations of chrysoprase. This stone is known as the rarest of the chalcedony group. In fact, one of the most valuable chalcedony gemstones, Chrysoprase is prized for its color and rarity. It is sometimes mistaken for green Imperial jadeite. With many similarities with jadeite, chrysoprase is sometimes marketed as 'Australian Imperial Jade.' Chrysoprase is said to be the favourite gemstone of Alexander the Great.

The name chrysoprase has been derived from a Greek word 'chrysos prason, ' which mean gold leek. It is said to be a "Victory Stone." In the 18th century, as said, thieves used to become invisible by keeping the stone in their mouth.

Properties of Chryosprase
The gemstone named Chryosprase has a 'cooling' property to it so it is used in various ways for healing i.e. in burns and neck strain. Chrysoprase Gemstone is believed to release negativity from the body, to heal broken heart. This gentle and soothing gemstone is often known as a one that brings happiness, peace and tolerance to its wearer and expels anger, negative thoughts and irritability. This is friendly and provides spiritual protection after wearing this. This also prevents depression and acts as a shield against any incoming negativity. It strengthens the reproductive organs i.e. ovaries, testicles, fallopian tubes, prostate, increases fertility, and opens the sexual chakra. Chrysoprase often brings good fortune and prosperity. This stone is often considered a good luck stone. Because of its colour, Chrysoprase Gemstone is also related to money and success.

The hardness of the stone is 6 1/2 to 7 and is known for its specific metaphysical characteristics. It sooths headache and loneliness, promotes emotional balance and grants inner strength and peace. It also leads a person to greater confidence and gives relief to gout, eye problems and mental illness. Chrysoprase helps to make conscious what was unconscious. It strengthens the workings of insight and the higher consciousness as well. It also encourages hope and joy, helps in clarifying problems, has been used as a cure for restlessness, protection on sea voyages, etc.

Chrysoprase is used to speed the healing of any wound. It should not be placed on the body, but held over the affected area. Carry a Chrysoprase in a pocket to help heal. Also, keep a Chrysoprase close to your bed at night to speed healing. Chrysoprase is used as a shield or protector from negative energy. A small bowl of Chrysoprase kept by the front entrance of the home is a very wise procedure. If used in jewellery, Chrysoprase should only be set in silver and has more power carved in the shape of a heart.

(Last Updated on : 31/12/2012)
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Chrysoprase, Gemstone - Informative & researched article on Chrysoprase, Gemstone
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