Bloodstone, Gemstone - Informative & researched article on Bloodstone, Gemstone
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Bloodstone, Gemstone
Bloodstone appears as an opaque dark green stone with red spots.
 Bloodstone, GemstoneBloodstone is also known as 'the stone of the warrior, ' this stone enhances courage and brings understanding of the benefits behind each hard-won victory. It helps us to revitalize and open our hearts, tempering strength with compassion. It is a protective stone, and in ancient times was thought to slow bleeding. Athletes to give them both courage and physical vitality often use this stone. It is also a prosperity stone, helping to manifest wealth. Bloodstone helps one become more knowledgeable in the ways of the world.

In ancient times, bloodstone was thought to be able to stop hemorrhages with the barest touch. Bloodstone relieves stomach and bowel pain. It strengthens blood-purifying organs and improves blood circulation. Bloodstone has a positive influence on a bladder. This is used to help one become more knowledgeable in the ways of the world. Bloodstone is also believed to be a very magical stone.

Bloodstone provides vitality, boosts talent, organizational abilities and charitable instincts. Bloodstone is used as a medicine and aphrodisiac in India. It neutralizes and eliminates toxins, helps to clarify the eyesight, lungs and clears congestion and rashes by helping to clear the liver. It can revitalize love, relationships, and friendships. It is a protective stone, and in ancient times was thought to slow bleeding. Bloodstone is a stone of courage. It is said to bring strength of mind, firmness of purpose & confidence in difficult situations. It can be used to assist one in taking the actions dictated by the heart's desire. It was used by the ancient Egyptians to revitalize, calm and ground. It is a protective stone, and in ancient times was thought to slow bleeding. Bloodstone is also a purifier of the blood. Its good for people suffering from anemia

Colour of Bloodstone
Bloodstone is a green stone with red spots. It also occurs in shades of dark green with red, brown and multicolored spots. The iron minerals cause the deep red and brown colors. It is green plasma containing red spots of jasper, which look like spots of blood giving the stone its descriptive name. Bloodstone has Planet Mars related energy and Plutonian influences which can both weigh heavy on the mind the Rock Crystal and Rose Quartz alleviate the oppressive effects. Bloodstone contains chlorite, which creates the green colors and iron oxides that produce reds, yellows and browns

Bloodstone is dark-green variety of the silica mineral chalcedony that has nodules of bright-red jasper distributed throughout its mass. Bloodstone is a stone with red spots, which resemble drops of blood, so it is, received its name due to this similarity. Heliotrope derives its name from Greek words meaning sun and turning.

Bloodstone along with aquamarine is traditional birthstones of Pisces that is. Fish. The period starts from February 19 - March 20.

Bloodstone should be protected from scratches, sharp blows, harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. The polish will be removed if anyone gets this type of stone wet. Bloodstone is an inexpensive stone. It is often used for pendants and bead necklaces. The gemstone should be charged by keeping over night in Salted Water after that should be washed with fresh water in morning and keep it in Sun light for 2 - 3 hours. The process should be done once in every three months.

(Last Updated on : 28/12/2012)
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Bloodstone, Gemstone - Informative & researched article on Bloodstone, Gemstone
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