Ancient Philosophy of Human Magnetism - Informative & researched article on Ancient Philosophy of Human Magnetism
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Ancient Philosophy of Human Magnetism
As per the ancient philosophy, all human beings possess magnetism.
 Ancient Philosophy of Human MagnetismAncient Philosophy of Human Magnetism deals with all the major elements of western thought. The magnetism is the one term that has kept bound the whole universe, comprising infinite galaxies of stars, planets and all-pervading cosmic consciousness. The ancient philosophy says that since man is a small part of the macrocosm, it carries similar elements, similar properties and similar qualities as the great universe. The man is a tiny universe in his own self.

The present day man was created after a whole range of evolution, starting from the development of five fundamental elements through the unicellular structures and early plant and animal life. Hence, the man shares all the delicate as well as crude forces of the universe. Therefore, the structure of man is also be balanced by the same magnetism. This human magnetism preserves and keeps together the earth, the other planets and the whole universe.

The existence of human being is said to be a trinity entity, which consists of three components, namely, body, mind and soul. The presence of magnetism in human beings is indicated by the mind and his spiritual tendencies, which is different in intensity and effect depending on the delicacy and purity of the inner self. The ancient sages and yogis in India have confirmed this statement through their studies of philosophy.

Since time immemorial, the yogis are working hard for the sake of purification and enlightenment of mind and soul through a process of meditation. They acquire miraculous powers of healing by merely offering a touch or blessing. This supremacy is achieved by them through constant spiritual practices and attempts at the purification of mind, through high thinking and truthful living, which infuses every cell of their body with delicate magnetic powers. According to ancient Indian philosophy, this magnetism in them then works upon a sick man by a mere touch or by a spoken word. Thus, the sick person is cured by them. The ancient philosophy has various examples of such cures, where a pinch of Vibhuti (Ash) from the hands of these superior souls created miracles. But, in those cases, the `magnetised` Vibhuti works on the diseased body and decreases the sufferings. These yogis are said to be the stock house of high-power human magnets that attract the sufferers around.

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Ancient Philosophy of Human Magnetism - Informative & researched article on Ancient Philosophy of Human Magnetism
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