Gomed, Gemstone for Rahu - Informative & researched article on Gomed, Gemstone for Rahu
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Gomed, Gemstone for Rahu
Gomed is the gemstone of Rahu and provides real fast effects. Gomed should be worn in a silver ring and on the middle finger.
 Gomed, Gemstone for RahuGomed, also known as Hessonite or Cinnamon Stone, is a gemstone which is generally used in India to fight the adverse effects of Rahu, a concept which is unique to Indian astrology. It is also believed to possess properties to relieve mental tension and improve strained relationships. Gomed or Hessonite also overcomes obstacles to professional success and subjugate enemies. Gomed is actually a Sanskrit Language term which means 'cow's fat.' It is also believed that it refers to the colour of Cow's Urine, as the colour has similarities. It is also known as Ping Spatik, Gomedhak and Raju Ratna. Hessonite or Gomed is supposed to reduce and diminish Rahu's negative effects like stress, anger, conflicts and disputes and provide peace and relieve a person from worries and tension, and avoid problems arising from wrong accusations. Rahu and Ketu are recognised as ominous planets, resulting in financial and health related problems. Rahu, the north node of the moon represented by the upper half of the snake, does not dominate any specific zodiac sign; still Virgo is regarded as the symbol belonging to Rahu and is accredited to Mercury planet. Gomed helps reduce its adverse effects on an individual and amplify the positive effects of Rahu. Gomed is also available in dark shades, resembling the colour of honey. The stone is rather shiny and appears as the eyes of an owl.

Availability of Gomed
In India, Gomed, also known as Gomedhaka in Tamil, can be found in several regions like Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Shimla, Mysore, Orissa and Kullu. Hessonite is also available in Mexico, Tanzania, East Africa, Canada, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Madagascar. Gomed is a costly gemstone as it has to be mined in order to attain it.

Uses of Gomed
Hessonite or Gomed is generally not worn based on the sign of zodiac of a person. Those who actively participate in politics are recommended to use Gomed. Furthermore, those who are occupied by the Rahu planet in the tenth house of natal chart are also suggested to wear Gomed. Numerous curative properties are also related with Gomed or Hessonite. Hessonite is very supportive for persons who are affected by skin irritation and disorders, insomnia, gall bladder stones, cold, sore throat or infection, diseases related to blood, eye infection, sinus, fatigue, piles, allergies, epilepsy etc. Around five carats of Gomed jewellery can be worn by an individual.

Rahu can affect and steer a person's horoscope and cause several diseases such as stress, stomach problems and other health related problems. More over, a person influenced by adverse effects Rahu, can suffer from financial troubles, disturbance in business and work, problems in personal life, unstable marital life, and other mounting problems. Moreover, Rahu also causes many Dashas like Sarpadasha, Kalasarpadasha, Putradasha, Kalathradasha etc. People struggling to make their mark in government jobs, law practice and enforcement, politics should use Gomed to improve their standing.

Rituals for Wearing Gomed
The proper weight of a Hessonite or Gomed should be at least 3 Ratti (480 mg). The gemstone should be cleansed in the Holy Ganges water and raw milk. The stone should be implanted in silver or five metals ring and should be worn on the middle finger while narrating 'Om Ram Rahuve Namah Om' mantra. Saturday is considered an auspicious day to conduct the ritual, particularly after sunset. The Gomed gemstone affects the occupant of the stone for almost three years from inception. Any person born in the period of 15th of February and 14th of March should possess the hessonite stone. Persons who have 4 as their lucky number should also use Gomed.

Maintenance of Gomed
The Gomed or Hessonite should be cleansed with plain water, mild soap, and a soft polishing cloth. A jewellery cleaner can also be used to clean the gemstone.

As Gomed is an expensive stone, 2 comparatively cheap substitutes are also available that have almost the same effect. Safi is brown or earth coloured stone which is almost matte and smooth. Tursa is another substitute which is pretty shiny, glossy and smooth and has a light yellow base colour.

Users of Gomed
Generally professionals like musicians, publishers, dancers, artists, athletes, artists gain various advantages after using Gomed. Furthermore, individuals involved in businesses like computer, service centres, transport, export and imports, dairy and agricultural implements, chemical factory, printing press, shops and groceries etc. can also benefit by using Gomed.

(Last Updated on : 16/11/2015)
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Gomed, Gemstone for Rahu - Informative & researched article on Gomed, Gemstone for Rahu
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