Homoeopathy for Gouty Arthritis - Informative & researched article on Homoeopathy for Gouty Arthritis
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Homoeopathy for Gouty Arthritis
Gouty Arthritis can ideally be treated using homeopathic medicines. There are several useful Homeopathic remedies for gout.
 Homoeopathy for Gouty ArthritisGout is a metabolic disorder characterized by a deposition of uric acid salts especially sodium biurate in connective tissues, like cartilage of joints. In an acute attack, the affected joint becomes red, swollen and excruciatingly painful. The joint of the big toe is most commonly affected but other small joints of fingers, ankles, wrists are not immune to the disorder.

Treatment of Gouty Arthritis

Aconite 30: For a sudden, violent attack of gout giving rise to restlessness and acute fear, the patient feeling he is about to die. Pain in the affected joint is so acute that the person tosses about in agony, not being able to bear even light touch or pressure. When all these symptoms are present in a person, he or she should take the medicine named Aconite 30.

Arnica 30: Arnica 30 is used when the person is suffering from the symptoms like gout in which the affected joint develops a sore, beaten-up sensation. The patient cannot tolerate the joint being touched.

Belladonna 30: This medicine can be used when the affected joint is red, swollen, hot and excruciatingly painful, sensitive to least touch, pressure or motion. Rest and cold compresses seem to relieve pain.

Bryonia 30: Gout with red, swollen and hot joint, which is exceedingly painful, is the main symptom when the medicine named Bryonia 30 can be used. Pain gets aggravated with slightest motion, forcing the patient to keep still. Symptoms get worse from warmth weather, food or drinks but better by absolute rest, firmly bandaging the joint, pressing or massaging the joint or by lying on it. For all these symptoms the medicine named Bryonia 30 is useful.

Colchicum 30: This medicine is useful for gout that moves from one joint to another. Pain is so severe that the patient can't bear even light touch. Joint-pain is worse by slightest motion at night and in cold, damp weather but better by rest and application of dry heat.

Eupatorium perf 30: Indicated for gouty arthritis of left great toe that recurs every third or seventh day and is accompanied by headache. There is a feeling of soreness and broken bones in the whole body. The joint-pain is worse from motion, pressure or exposure to cold air.

Lycopodium 30: For chronic gout mainly affecting joints of the right side of the body e.g., right big toe. There is aching pain in the affected joint, that become worse in the evening from 4 to 8 p.m. Pain is also worse after a period of inactivity e.g., on awakening from sleep and from warmth or pressure but better from cold applications and movement of the affected joint. When the patient is suffering from all these symptoms, he or she should take the medicine named Lycopodium 30.

Urtica urens 30: For gout from eating shellfish. Useful in acute gout as it facilitates elimination of uric acid from the body. Gout is associated with violently itching skin-rashes. Sometimes, joint-pain and skin-rashes occur alternately. Joint-pain is worse from touch, pressure and cold applications. All these symptoms very much require the use of the medicine Urtica urens 30.

(Last Updated on : 02/03/2012)
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Homoeopathy for Gouty Arthritis - Informative & researched article on Homoeopathy for Gouty Arthritis
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