Homeopathy for Dysentery - Informative & researched article on Homeopathy for Dysentery
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Homeopathy for Dysentery
In Homeopathy dysentery can be treated through various medicines depending on its intensity. It can relieve several symptoms like abdominal cramps.
 Homeopathy for DysenteryDysentery is a disease caused by a bacterial or amoebic infection of the intestines and characterized by abdominal pain and frequent ill-formed stools with mucous and blood. It is an infection of the intestine (gut) caused by an amoeba called Entamoeba histolytica. It is caused by ingestion of food. Dysentery is a condition characterised by inflammation of the bowels.

Treatment of Dysentery in Homeopathy

Aloe 30: The following symptoms of this disease demand the use of the medicine Aloe 30. Pain in, and distension of the abdomen, early in the morning, from accumulation of gas is the usual symptom. The patient is driven out of the bed and has to hurry to the lavatory. A lot of gas and a small amount of stool, laden with yellowish mucous pass out, causing burning of the anus. The abdominal pain ceases after the stool but the victim is left weak and perspiring. If the patient is suffering from the above symptoms he or she can have the medicine.

Arsenic 30: Frequent, small, watery, dark and offensive stools, especially at midnight, with rapid loss of strength demand the use of the medicine Arsenic. There is severe, burning pain in the abdomen and the anus. The person is mentally restless and thinks death is imminent.

China 30: For chronic dysentery characterized by painless, brown, loose motions at night with passage of excessively offensive gas. The victim rapidly loses weight and grows weak. All these symptoms genuinely need the use of the medicine China 30.

Carbo veg 30: The following symptoms affirm the use of the medicine Carbo veg 30. Accumulations of gas in the abdomen followed by frequent, offensive loose motions, leaving the victim cold and devastated are the important symptoms. Copious cold sweat on the body with impending collapse is also an important one. The person wishes to be fanned constantly, from a close distance.

Merc sol 30: Severe pain in the abdomen, especially at night, followed by slimy, bloody, very offensive stool, which corrodes the anus are the symptoms that generally require the use of the medicine Merc sol Even after the stools, satisfaction eludes the victim and abdominal pain persists. There is trembling of the body, profuse offensive perspiration and intense thirst for large amounts of cold water. The tongue is thick and moist, showing imprint of teeth as well.

Phos 30: Severe burning in the abdomen especially in the morning followed by profuse, loose stools. The victim feels as if the anus remains wide open. An oversensitive nature and a craving for cold drinks or foods i.e. ice-cream are other pointers to this medicine.

Podophyllum 30: Loud gurgling and abdominal pain in the morning, followed by profuse, painless, foul-smelling and multi-coloured loose stools with headache are the usual symptoms for which Podophyllum 30 can be used.

Puls 30: Abdominal pain from gas, especially at night, followed by greenish yellow, watery and slimy stools demand the use of the medicine Puls 30. A weeping nature and thirstlessness are other features of this medicine.

(Last Updated on : 03/03/2012)
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Homeopathy for Dysentery - Informative & researched article on Homeopathy for Dysentery
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