Homeopathy for Shoulder Joint Pain or Stiffness - Informative & researched article on Homeopathy for Shoulder Joint Pain or Stiffness
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Homeopathy for Shoulder Joint Pain or Stiffness
Homeopathy offers numerous treatments which can gradually treat frozen shoulder or Shoulder joint pain.
 Homeopathy for Shoulder Joint Pain or StiffnessPeri-arthritis or Frozen shoulder results in restriction in movements of shoulder. It is quite complicated disorder that can be gradually treated with homeopathic remedies. When the ligaments in the shoulder joint of a person gets inflamed, then it results in Frozen Shoulder. Inflammation in the ligaments limits the free movement of the shoulder and the joints and creates stiffness. It is due to this feeling of being frozen, the name Frozen Shoulder is given.

Treatment of Shoulder joint pain
The following homeopathic medicines are the most effective-

Bryonia 30 is most suitable for patients suffering because of acute pain, which gets even worse by the smallest movement of the shoulder and forces the patient to remain motionless. Heat should not be applied to the affected area as it will increase the pain. Proper rest and massage of the affected area tends to reduce the pain. The homeopathic medicine suffering should be used in these circumstances.

Rhus tox 30 is used when the shoulder gets stiff and sore and the pain is excessive. The pain tends to increase during rest or if the patient remains immobile. The pain eventually reduces by the application of dry heat and slow movement of the affected shoulder.

Chelidonium 30 should be used when the patient suffers from pain in the right side of the shoulder which eventually spreads to the upper back on the right side. The pain gets worse due to movement or by any kind of touch on the area. Massaging the affected area tends to relieve pain.

Syphilinum 30 is suggested when frozen shoulder extends into the bones in the arm, accompanied with stiffness and acute pain. The pain tends to increase during night time which adversely affects the sleep of the patient. Applying heat is usually nit suggested as it worsens the pain. But applying or pouring cold water on the affected area relieves pain to some extent.

Ferrum met, homeopathic medicine can be used if the patient is suffering from pain on the left sided shoulder and movement of the arm gets really difficult for the person. The pain can reduce by slow and gentle movement of the left arm, but taking rest might worsen the pain. Ferrum met should be used if these symptoms persist.

Sanguinaria 30 is used when frozen shoulder occurs on the right hand side. There are also feelings of burning in the palm area as well as the soles. The pain can be relieved by proper rest and sleep but tends to increase due to movement of the affected shoulder.

(Last Updated on : 27/02/2012)
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Homeopathy for Shoulder Joint Pain or Stiffness - Informative & researched article on Homeopathy for Shoulder Joint Pain or Stiffness
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