Chakras and Relationships - Informative & researched article on Chakras and Relationships
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Chakras and Relationships
Chakras help in relationships, making it to reach a proper direction and curb it from too much energy.
 Chakras and RelationshipsAs an individual's chakras repeatedly receive and send out energy, one is constantly being affected by and affecting others, at times in positive ways, at times not. No wonder, some people fancy to become hermits.

If one's energies are tough, one will have an instant impact upon anyone who comes into his or her presence. Particularly what kind of impact will depend on the condition of the other person's energy system. Someone who has frail energies or is not feeling well, may be scared, overmastered or wiped out in one's presence; that person also could be animated by oneself. If the other person also possesses strong energies, there is expected to be better balance and a better understanding- a feeling of being equal.

Everybody experiences energy principally through most open chakras. If one's sexual chakra is the most open, then irrespective of what one receives from others, one will experience it on the sexual level. Not only that, but the person's energy will basically go out the sexual level. Of one's heart chakra is the most open, one inclines to experience life as love.

Energy received by excessively open spleen or navel chakras will cause emotional reactions. Some people receive most energy through their third or fifth eye; they deal with the world basically on a mental level. The unpredicted reactions of others are due to this chakra "snagging" process. The reverse is also true; one receives strong energies from others through one's strongest chakra. When one becomes conscious of a strong reaction towards another person, but does not comprehend that reaction, one must seek to know the area or chakra of the body, where one feels this energy most forcefully. If one thinks one's energy response is improper, it is advised to deliberately move the energy to a different chakra area (like the heart or brow).

When one becomes aware that one's energies are too powerful for comfort, it is better to stretch one's body and breathe deeply. This splits up the stress pattern and increases energy flow. Another way to attain balance is to send energy out one's feet and the top of the head. Dancing equalises energy throughout the body and is therefore a good release, when one feels cramped or blocked; it can also be used as groundwork for meditation or passionate mental work. Energy Ties, Charisma and High Energy People, Chakras and RelationshipsChakra Snagging, and sex all plays individual role in the maturity of relationships. For example feeling what one is thinking or saying helps one to be alert of what one actually means. It also assists conveying the essence of one's message and one will be more easily understood. And this what clarity is all about.

People with low levels of energy may unconsciously deplete or exhaust energy from others. Such people have not learned to soak up energy from the surrounding air, instead they pull it predigested from another person; or they are so emotionally distressed or physically weak, that they are not being able to draw energy in for themselves. "Predigested" means that the energy has already been brought in by another person and altered to a functional frequency; it is an easy way out.

People who for no apparent reason make one feel exhausted or ill tempered are sapping one's energy. Energy drawn from the respective individual leaves one weakened. One may feel one's aura shutting down. When this happens, one's energy comes back towards one and the body stiffens. One may look for excuses to get away from the sappers. When one has gotten away and the energy honestly becomes one's again, one may question why one behaved the way they did. Questions like-was one uncaring or too hasty, should one have stayed, can arise in one's mind. Guilt feelings may result, which a wakefulness of this sapping dynamic may aid one understand.

Feeling drained, one may desire to become conscious if the chakra or chakras from which energy is being pulled. One can then make the choice either to close the chakra or send energy to the other person. Sharing energy is a talent, and what one gives, strengthens themselves. But when the person to whom one sends energy does not relax and come into strength, one might need to cease sending energy. At times, people become dependant on others' energies. When one chooses not to send energy, it is best advised to search protection by filling and surrounding oneself with a white light, consciously willing one's own aura to be firmer and producing a force-field against exhausting influences. Another method is that of envisioning a glass wall between oneself and the sapper.

Chakras and Relationships On the other hand a person with highly charged or unbalanced chakras may seek invigourating conditions, like arguments, which help the liberation of these excess energies. Some people are happier when they have induced a disruption. Their needling and fight starting may fuel their own energy and release blocks, but neither does much for the other person. Gossip, greatly judgmental, is another form of stir-it-up release. In the company of someone who is trying to stir it up, one needs to remain diplomatic and not get hitched. One might need to change the subject or ask the person not to talk cruelly of others in one's presence.

The Chakras as An Exercise It is better to close one's eyes. One can envision a considerable person standing in front of oneself or near to. It is advised to be aware how the body reacts to this presence. One can question which chakras open or close. One will feel relaxed where they open and tight where they are closed. It is better to be more aware of the movement of one's own energies, one will; be able to possess more control and enjoyment in life. It is advised to keep in mind that energy patterns change according to the situation and the people an individual is with.

(Last Updated on : 20/05/2014)
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Chakras and Relationships - Informative & researched article on Chakras and Relationships
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