Khampti Dance, Folk Dance of Arunachal Pradesh - Informative & researched article on Khampti Dance, Folk Dance of Arunachal Pradesh
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Khampti Dance, Folk Dance of Arunachal Pradesh
Khampti dance by Khampti community of Arunachal Pradesh is a drama based dance with some lessons.
 Khampti Dance, Folk Dance of Arunachal PradeshKhampti dance is one of the well known folk dances performed in the Arunachal Pradesh state of India. The dance is generally practiced by the Khampti community of the state. Some of the dramas of this community are even titled according to the name of the community. Khampti dance is generally performed during the religious festivals of Potwah, Sankian or Khamsang. This dance constitutes the entertainment part of the festivals.

Etymology of Khampti Dance
The dance is termed as simply 'ka' and the dance-drama is called 'kapung' in which 'ka' means dance and 'pung' is the story. It actually means a story that is depicted through the dance performance.

Themes and Performances of Khampti Dance
Khamptis are Buddhists; hence many of their dance-dramas unfold some stories or depict mythical events bearing ethical lessons. The villagers send an invitation to the drama-party for the performance. The rehearsal of the dance-drama starts about one month before a festival and it is mostly practised in a monastery or in any house of their choice. After which, the drama is staged in the front courtyard or in some suitable open space near the houses. Musical instruments like gogs and cymbals accompany this dance.

Generally, women are not seen in the performance of the drama, hence men wearing women's costume play female roles. After the performances, the party is given a remuneration amount. With the help of this money, they purchase the costumes and masks used in the dramas. If surpluses are there, it is shared by all the members of the drama party.

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(Last Updated on : 05/11/2014)
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Khampti Dance, Folk Dance of Arunachal Pradesh - Informative & researched article on Khampti Dance, Folk Dance of Arunachal Pradesh
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