Flower Remedies - Informative & researched article on Flower Remedies
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Flower Remedies
Reckoned as a noteworthy alternative therapy it has now become the most sought after treatment in India.
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 Flower RemediesFlower remedy is an alternate therapeutic method that can be used for the treatment of various ailments in human beings. It is almost similar like homeopathic treatment. The natural extracts from flowers are taken and used in the therapy. The extracts are not used in the concentrated form, but applied in diluted form. Only a small amount of flower extract in solution gives the desired effect. The preparation of flower remedies is not an easy job. To prepare flower remedy the person must have knowledge and a lot of skill.

Though flower remedies have many similarities with homeopathy practice but the method of preparation is markedly different. This rigorous method is done to make the flower remedies more effective than the homeopathic therapies.

Dr. Edward Bach, the prominent English botanist and homeopathic practitioner was the father of the flower remedies as he discovered and perfected the preparation of flower remedies. He devoted rest of his life in discovering different flower essence and prepared thirty-eight flower remedies in total. This method thus acknowledged as Bach Flower remedies. However, later the herbalists and botanists from all over the world have researched with the potential of other flowers and made their own remedies. In the recent era, in India flower remedy as an alternative treatment has gained a colossal importance.

.Flower Remedies The principle of making flower remedies involves the theory of positive and negative energies of nature that influences human body. Diseases occur due to negative energies that contradict with the human soul. A healthy person's soul keeps all the negative energies away. The flower remedies can also keep away the negative energies. The flower extract have the potencies to convert all the negative energies into positive energy, so it has the ability to prevent the diseases.

Thus, flower remedies work at the mental level rather than the physical level. Flower remedies cannot directly remove the disease symptoms but it can work at the basic level and uproot the cause of disease. Thus, flower remedies are slow procedure but the beneficial result it gives is more lasting.

Preparation of Flower Remedies: Flower remedies are done from flower extracts, which are used in diluted condition. The flower extract can be made by sun method or by the boiling method.

Flower Remedies in Different Diseases: Flower extracts are specially helpful in case of different mental conditions, that might have physical manifestations.

(Last Updated on : 13/06/2014)
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Flower Remedies - Informative & researched article on Flower Remedies
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