Tribal Jewellery of Himachal Pradesh - Informative & researched article on Tribal Jewellery of Himachal Pradesh
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Tribal Jewellery of Himachal Pradesh
The womenfolk of Himachal Pradesh, decorated with silver jewellery are a common and enchanting view of Himachal Pradesh.
 Tribal Jewellery of Himachal PradeshThe jewellery of Himachal Pradesh is very unique as well as varied. Chunky bead and metal jewellery of the hill people is very common as well as popular in this region. Like many other communities the traditional style of clothes as well as dressing includes ornaments for all parts of the body. The jewellery market of Himachal Pradesh is always abounded with stalls selling amulets, pendants, necklaces, daggers and rings. All these attract the buyers from all parts of the world.

Fine jewellery of Himachal Pradesh is usually crafted out of silver and gold. The jewellers of Kangra, Chamba, Mandi and Kullu District were famous for their enameling skills. Kangra was the kingdom of Rajputs in earlier days. They mainly worked with silver. Deep blue and green colours were used frequently in enamellings. Elliptical anklets, solid iron-headed bangles, hair ornaments, peepal-leaf-shaped forehead ornaments, necklaces known as chandanhaars which can be described as a bunch of long silver chains linked by engraved or enamelled silver plaques and pendants with motifs of the mother goddess are some of the exquisite pieces they usually make. All the art need proper craftsmanship and skill as well.

Tribal Jewellery of Himachal Pradesh There are some traditional designs also like an old Kangra pattern for silver anklets is a series of birds, archaic in design, connected by silver links. Most of the older designs are no longer seen in today's world although all of them were very beautiful in case of designing and style. All these older designs can be seen in museums like the Kangra Art Museum in Dharamsala, the State Museum in Shimla and the Bhuri Singh Museum in Chamba.

In the present days coin necklaces are tremendously well-liked with Pahari women. Chokers called kach, which is made of silver beads and triangular plaques and the collar-like hansali, are also common. All women wear heavy anklets, bangles and silver bracelets or kare, solid or filled with shellac; these are usually seen in the shape of crocodile or lions heads. In the Tibetan influenced Lahaul-Spiti, ornaments are available. These are studded with semi precious stones like coral, turquoise, amber and mother-of-pearl as well.

Both silver and gold are found prominent at this place. The womenfolk are seen decorated with beautiful silver ornaments all over her body. All the artisans are very familiar with the intricate designs and thus the result is a finished product, which is incomparable. Silver is used in abundance as it is found almost everywhere, but both silver and gold ornaments have the religious properties and that protect the wearer from the evil effects. The silversmiths are mainly living in the areas of Mandi, Chamba, kangra and Sultanpur.

All these are the examples of the wide variety of jewellery, which the tribe of Himachal Pradesh possess and also feel proud of it.

(Last Updated on : 26/02/2013)
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Tribal Jewellery of Himachal Pradesh - Informative & researched article on Tribal Jewellery of Himachal Pradesh
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