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Siddhas, Demi-Gods
Siddhas are demi-gods as mentioned in the Buddhist mythology.

In the Puranas the Siddhas are mentioned as the demi-gods or angels of undefined attributes and character. Siddhas in Buddhist mythology are said to inhabit together with the Vidyadharas, Munis, and human beings in the region between the earth and the sun. In Hinduism they are usually described as attending upon Lord Indra, although they have chiefs and kings of their own.

In the Vishnu Purana the Siddhas are portrayed as pure and holy beings, exempt from greed, love and hatred. They do not take part in the reproduction of living beings, and in detecting the unreality of the properties of elementary matter. Siddhas are about eighty-eight thousand in number and reside in the regions of the sky, north of the sun, until the destruction of the universe.

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    Siddhas, Demi-Gods - Informative & researched article on Siddhas, Demi-Gods
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