Chor Meti Yog , Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Chor Meti Yog , Palmistry
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Chor Meti Yog , Palmistry
A person having this combination suffers from inferiority complex.

Chor Meti Yog , PalmistryIf the lines of Dragon`s Mars have joined and all into are fully developed also and Sun are away from places or are depressed then the combination is called Chor Meti Yog. Chor Meti Yog is an important part of palmistry. The palmists after a thorough study have provided their significant opinion about the results of the Chor-Meti Yog. A person having this combination suffers from inferiority complex. He can be cheated by anyone easily. There is also a chance that the individual comes in contact with such cheats in his life for several times and he loses everything.

However the palmists have also opined that a person having this combination is doubtful by nature. Being doubtful himself, he always doubts others, hence can not keep a cordial relationship with others. Such a person can never do any work openly nor does he have faith on anyone. He has no friends and does not tell his innermost feelings to others. Such a man can never make any progress in his life in spite of a lot of efforts.

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(Last Updated on : 16/02/2011)
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    Chor Meti Yog , Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Chor Meti Yog , Palmistry
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