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Satchitananda is a mental state which can be achieved with the awakening of the Kundalini

Satchitananda is a state where one is already free and perfect and ready to remove the veil of ignorance and realize one`s own essential nature. This realization is not intellectual but is experiential. It is simply the truth about absolute existence, absolute consciousness and absolute bliss. Practice of kundalini yoga is the direct plunge in to the sphere of infinity.

There would be no realization without the awakening of kundalini. The kundalini yoga will infuse courage, confidence, patience and zeal in people. It cures diseases, wounds and enables one to overcome worries so as to one can enhance his life span and attain enlightment. One can experience this yoga practice and get benefits of being hence becoming "Satchitananda".

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(Last Updated on : 2/03/2010)
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    Satchitananda - Informative & researched article on Satchitananda
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