About Courtesans, Kama Sutra - Informative & researched article on About Courtesans, Kama Sutra
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About Courtesans, Kama Sutra
Part VI of Kama Sutra, delineating About Courtesans distinguishes their characteristics, behaviour and lifestyle.
 Part VI of Kama Sutra, the mammoth treatise on human sexual behaviour, About Courtesans, is divided into six chapters. Chapter 1 of the sixth section is named as, `Of The Causes Of A Courtesan Resorting To Men; Of The Means Of Attaching To Herself The Man Desired; And Of The Kind Of Man That It Is Desirable To Be Acquainted With`. A courtesan`s way of living is quite subtly described by Vatsayana in this following dissection. They are categorised into two sections: the ones approaching men for their money and the ones approaching just to fall in love. The former kinds are described to be quite calculative in nature, soliciting men from the upper and respected class of society. The latter ones are normally the kinds with compassionate heart, approaching men for solemn desires to let her man know that she believes in her. Whatever the case may be, Vatsayana advices both the types to deck up as is customary manner to attract people from every society.

About Courtesans, Kama Sutra Chapter 2 of part six of Kama Sutra, About Courtesans, is titled under `Of Living Like A Wife`. Vatsayana lays down manners in which a courtesan should live as a wife to her respective man, paying heed to every necessary requisite. The courtesan should never however, make herself thus attached that she can never disconnect herself from the household. Her umpteen acts must be performed under a strict surveillance of a mother or nurse, after which the `supposed` concubine is appease her man in every way he prefers.

Chapter 3 under part six of Kama Sutra, About Courtesans, is given under the header of, `Of The Means Of Getting Money, Of The Signs Of The Change Of A Lover`s Feelings, And Of The Way To Get Rid Of Him`. The extremely intelligent saga of courtesans is continued by Vatsayana in this chapter, with further descriptions related to the kinds of means in which the courtesan can obtain money from her lover. The courtesan while never demonstrating her real intentions, should make use of devised deceptions to make her lover understand that she might be in need of urgent money; in this process, she can also at times detect casual and dodging tendencies in her lover, after which there arrives a high time to take severe action.

Chapter 4 included under sixth part of Kama Sutra, About Courtesans, is named as, `About Re-union With A Former Lover`. A complex wired mesh of wants and desires amongst courtesans is wholly established by Vatsayana in this chapter. In continuation to the previous chapter, after a courtesan has left her lover after usurping his assets, she is then in serious search of another man who would be capable of matching her criteria. However, amongst all the numerous conditions stated for the man, it is mandatory that the concubine acquires such a person who is indeed moneyed and rich.

Chapter 5 of the sixth section to Kama Sutra, About Courtesans, is referred to as, `Of Different Kinds of Gain`. The work of a courtesan is to seek after an appropriate lover with both money and attachment, by beautifying with necessary accessories. However, it is advised by Vatsayana that a concubine should never confine herself to any single man, in case she finds other dearer options. And this work should also be done in consultation with her female companions; monetary assets in the form of gold must be achieved, together with numerous other discriminatory options available for the courtesan to choose between a generous man and a man severely attached to the woman.

Chapter 6 of section six of the love treatise`s About Courtesans, is titled as, `Of Gains And Losses; Attendant Gains And Losses; And Doubts; As Also Of The Different Kinds Of Courtesans`. Vatsayana attempts to elucidate a kind of philosophical view of life, deviating from his subject of courtesans fro some time. He delineates the causes for which one might lose one`s valuable gain by incurring too much of every feeling. The results of these losses are generally disastrous, with individuals ruining everything in the long run. The ratio of loss and gain is further vividly described by Vatsayana, depicting that gains can be of three kinds, which is additionally instanced by the lifestyle of courtesans.

(Last Updated on : 31/12/2008)
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About Courtesans, Kama Sutra - Informative & researched article on About Courtesans, Kama Sutra
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