About the Wives of Other People, Kama Sutra - Informative & researched article on About the Wives of Other People, Kama Sutra
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About the Wives of Other People, Kama Sutra
Part V dealing with About the Wives of Other People, details down umpteen options for a man to achieve success.
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 Part V of Kama Sutra, the epic discourse on art of corporeal love comprises six chapters, with the header `About The Wives of Other People`. Chapter 1 of the fifth part is titled under the, `Of The Characteristics Of Men and Women; The Reasons Why Women Reject The Addresses Of Men; About Men Who Have Success With Women, and About Women Who Are Easily Gained Over` heading. This chapter seems to emote a bit of dichotomous sense from Vatsayana`s part. The Sanskrit scholar is of the opinion that a man should always act his own discriminative and judgment power while going after a wanton woman who is already married. However, future pros and cons must be weighed prior to such an illicit union. A man can pursue a woman in order to save his life, which has been divided into several sections. Vatsayana also explains that outward marks or signs in a young maiden`s body are nothing compared to her inner purity and good conduct. In the last, differences between a man and woman are manifestly laid down in terms of love pursuing and winning over.

About the Wives of Other People, Kama Sutra Chapter 2 in part five of Kama Sutra, About The Wives of Other People is titled as, `About Making Acquaintance With The Woman, And of the Efforts To Gain Her Over`. The second chapter solicits serious advices for the man yearning to make himself acquainted with another wedded woman. Vatsayana speaks that the man in such cases of irresistible attraction, should make his own shot to let the beloved know that he is actually in love with her. After such things have been said and done, the author asks the man to move up the ladder to find an opportunity to meet the lady in public appearances. Later, through various subtle and apparent implications, the man is sure to succeed in his honest endeavours in advancing towards his woman.

Chapter 3 to section five, About The Wives Of Other People within Kama Sutra is named as, `Examination Of The State OF A Woman`s Mind`. Vatsayana tries to demonstrate and dissect in detail the various types of woman who are and can be pursued. Before a man tries to make candid advances towards his woman, he needs to bear in mind several important characteristics of that woman. This is where examining the woman`s mind state comes in the scenario. Vatsayana then states down a number of sections devoted to the kinds of women a man can go after and examine, like, the abhorring, the interested, the candid, the coy or the avoiding.

Chapter 4 in section five of Kama Sutra dealing with About The Wives Of Other People, is titled under `About The Business of A Go-between`. The go-between or the mediator assumes supreme role in matters of pursuance between a man and a woman, according to Vatsayana. Vatsayana in this context, places substantial role upon that mediating woman, who is to borne his love messages to the woman he has fallen in love with. The go-between then takes on her role as an extolling lady, who by scheming motives makes the woman comprehend the uselessness of her husband in her life. She then pacifies the lady in question to get herself known to the man making advancements in such solemn manner. The go-between must also keep in mind to understand the mind of the woman, contrary to which results might become unfavourable.

Chapter 5 in the fifth part of Kama Sutra, About The Wives of Other People, is served under the `About The Love of Persons in Authority For The Wives of Other Men` header. The said chapter speaks about the diversified ways in which a man of stature, like a king, minister, or superintendent can gain access to a woman he feels interested to be acquainted to. In the worldly way, men like emperors or their ministers are regarded as parameters in extravagant lifestyle; hence, it becomes tricky for such people to let go of their society image by shedding the public image. Herein comes in the role of harem women and their accomplices from town, who are secured by the queens to placate the lady the king is fascinated with. Vatsayana mentions some smart methods by which a harem woman can succeed in her task.

Chapter 6 in Kama Sutra`s fifth section About The Wives of Other People, is named as, `About the Women Of the Royal Harem; And of Keeping Of One`s Own Wife`. Vatsayana lays down the lives and conditions of harem women, including their plight to assuage their corporeal desire. Hence, it is stated that the harem ladies secure several means to be satiated in their pleasure hunt by getting hold of confederates.

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About the Wives of Other People, Kama Sutra - Informative & researched article on About the Wives of Other People, Kama Sutra
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