About A Wife, Kama Sutra - Informative & researched article on About A Wife, Kama Sutra
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About A Wife, Kama Sutra
Part IV of Kama Sutra titled About A Wife dedicatedly enlists a wife`s good and righteous conduct in life.
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 Part IV of Kama Sutra is divided into two chapters, detailing about the better half, named as About A Wife.

About A Wife, Kama Sutra Chapter 1 of the fourth section is titled under, `On The Manner Of Living Of A Virtuous Woman, and of Her Behaviour During the Absence of Her Husband`. The woman of the household, the homemaker is accentuated to rule her own home in every sphere of every day existence. The wife is counselled also to stay chastised, honourable and virtuous, despite his husband`s absence. She is to look deep into each meticulous matter of day, noon and night. Her husband`s parents, relations, friends, sisters, and servants should take top priority in her serving list, according to Vatsayana.

Chapter 2 of the fourth part About A Wife in Kama Sutra is titled as `On The Conduct Of The Elder Wife Towards The Other Wives Of Her Husband, and on That Of A Younger Wife Towards The Elder Ones; Also On The Conduct Of A Virgin Widow Re-married; Of A Wife Disliked By Her Husband; Of The Women In The King`s Harem; And Lastly On The Conduct Of A Husband Towards Many Wives`. Vatsayana states in detail the hugely dichotomous conduct of an elder wife towards her husband and husband`s other wives, especially the privileged one. The elder wife if unsuccessful in her endeavours in winning over the better half, is advisable to make herself available to the second wife in genial terms. However, amidst all such schemings, the elder is warned to never fall a prey into her own trap. The junior wife on the other hand is also recommended to perform her stipulated duties towards her senior, regarding the elder wife as her own kin, including her children. The husband should never be made acquainted in all these state of affairs.

(Last Updated on : 31/12/2008)
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About A Wife, Kama Sutra - Informative & researched article on About A Wife, Kama Sutra
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