About the Acquisition of a Wife, Kama Sutra - Informative & researched article on About the Acquisition of a Wife, Kama Sutra
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About the Acquisition of a Wife, Kama Sutra
Part III, About the Acquisition of a Wife explains umpteen processes of man winning over his wife in Kama Sutra.
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 Part III of Kama Sutra, the historic treatise on eroticism and love by Vatsayana is divided into five chapters, titled as About the Acquisition of a Wife. Chapter 1 of the third section is given with the header of `On Marriage`. The chapter is dedicated to the customs of marriage, the processes leading to a successful marriage and the understandings between a man and his wife. The author in his flowery and ornate language very subtly states the animated and pleasurable stages that generally climaxes in a holy union of two souls.

About the Acquisition of a Wife, Kama Sutra Chapter 2 of the third part of Kama Sutra, About the Acquisition of a Wife, is named thus, `Of Creating Confidence In The Girl`. Vatsayana writes about the methods in which a man can instill confidence within his woman, who in turn needs to shake off her coyness. After customs of marriage have been fulfilled, the husband and wife is instructed to stay away from each other for three days. With time, the husband is apprised to take initiative on his part to make his better half comprehend the necessity of sexual union through pacified embraces.

Chapter 3 of Kama Sutra`s About The Acquisition of A Wife is served under the `On Courtship, and The Manifestation Of The Feelings By Outward Signs And Deeds` heading. The said chapter is exclusively dedicated to stages that a boy needs to devote towards gaining his woman by hook or by crook. Vatsayana counsels that the lad needs to impress his noble character upon his lass, her elders, gift her with everything sweet and scented and make himself presentable in public. Vatsayana also states in the beginning, a man`s different genus from which he can belong.

Chapter 4 of the gigantic love treatise`s About The Acquisition of A Wife is named as, `About Things To Be Done Only By The Man, and the Acquisition Of The Girl Thereby; Also What Is To Be Done By A Girl To Gain Over A Man, And Subject Him to Her`. This chapter goes a step ahead to relate methods and processes in amorousness which a man should employ to impress upon his woman. Playful love games, fanciful imaginations, fervid visions are some of the necessary past times that a man must make use of. Vatsayana finds no harm when a man employs false and pretentious ways in winning over his lover.

Chapter 5 of the third section dedicated to About The Acquisition of A Wife, is titled as, `On Certain Forms of Marriage`. The fifth chapter in the third section speaks firstly about a daughter of a nurse who is attending to the girl intensely in love with the boy. That daughter is needed to discriminately and ingeniously act as a mediator between the lad and lass, speaking freely about the girl in high terms. In the next phase, Vatsayana speaks about the several forms of marriage that a man and woman can go into lawfully, under consent from elders. Gandharva form of marriage is thoroughly solicited.

(Last Updated on : 31/12/2008)
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About the Acquisition of a Wife, Kama Sutra - Informative & researched article on About the Acquisition of a Wife, Kama Sutra
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