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Palm , Palmistry
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Fingers The relative size of palm and fingers is assessed to gain a quick and sharp insight in inclination of the person towards work. To assess the comparison, the fingers have to be turned downwards towards the palm.

  • If the fingers cover 3/4th of the entire palm, then the fingers and palm are in proportion.

  • If the fingers reach more than that, fingers are said to be long.

  • If the fingers do not reach even the 3/4th, the fingers are considered short.

  • Long Fingersa) Long Fingers: The people with these kinds of fingers are detailed oriented. They take full consideration for a lot of thinking and logic while doing a work. They are perfectionist and are not satisfied, until they accomplish flawless work. For them doing a proper work is more important than a deadline. They seem slow, since they take many things in account and painstakingly improvise on the work done.

    Balanced Length of Fingers b) Short Fingers: People with comparatively short fingers are quick thinkers and doers. They do not take much time for thinking and usually avoid the details. For them getting the work done fast is more important than getting it perfectly done. They leave the fine points behind, but create a pace at their workplace.

    c) Balanced Length of Fingers: Such people are balanced people. Though they do not miss the broader picture of any work, they also account for necessary details. Their decisions and thoughts are very reliable.

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    Palm , Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Palm , Palmistry
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