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Yubee - Lakpee
Yubee - Lakpee is an outdoor game played only by men in Manipur.

Yubee - LakpeeThis is an outdoor game played only by men in Manipur, Yubee - Lakpee (Yubee in Manipuri means coconut, and lakpee means snatching). As in rugby, this sport too demands exceptional amount of muscular force and energy. There are 7 players in each side while the playing field has dimensions of 45.72 x 18.29m. To begin the game, a lubricated coconut is first selected and thrown into play. Players of both teams have to try and catch it and more importantly, hold on to it. This is where the above-mentioned desired attributes of players like power and liveliness are put to test. The coconut has to be held chest - high by the player who currently possesses it. There is no kicking of the coconut in the rules.

Players have to keep possession of the coconut and try to intrude into the opposition goal line, who will make constant efforts to stop them. To score a goal, a player has to enter in from the front carrying the coconut and not from the sides. At the goal line, the players will find the king to whom they are supposed to hand over the coconut. The teams with more number of goals at the end of play wins. Though this is a team game, all players have to perform individually. All those taking part in the game have to grease their body and wear a waist belt.

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    Yubee - Lakpee - Informative & researched article on Yubee - Lakpee
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